New Music: Brain feat. Lil Dicky & The Game – ‘How Can U Sleep’

Lil Dicky surprises fans with I’m Brain, the first release under his alter ego, Brain, which features an appearance from The Game on the EP closer, “How Can U Sleep.”

Rhyming about everything from Billy Madison to haters, Dicky also raps about race. “All of my lawyers are black,” he raps. “Shit is ironic as hell / I guess that’s what happens when Jews started rapping / Used to have turtles, no wonder I’m snappin’.”

The Game shouts out Gucci Mane and Tupac Shakur, and he also doesn’t shy away from controversial topics, dissing the current president and hip-hop newcomers. “I don’t give a shit, big or tall, short or small,” he raps. “I’ll cut your dick off and sit it on Trump’s wall / Then spray paint ‘Fuck the President’ / It’s evident, hip-hop dead, new ni**as irrelevant / Different colored braids, you ni**as stuck in a maze.”

Bragging about his alter ego’s latest release, Dicky — who hasn’t dropped an album since 2015’s Professional Rapper — took to Twitter with praise. “Brain a top 3 new wave rapper,” he tweeted. “I’m not even kidding.”

Listen to Brain and Game unite on “How Can U Sleep” below.