Who Want the Smoke?

New Music: Lil Yachty feat. Cardi B & Offset - 'Who Want the Smoke?'

  /  07.05.2018

Free smoke, free smoke. Lil Yachty asks “Who Want the Smoke?” on his brand new single featuring two members of his Quality Control family, Offset and Cardi B.

Over the Tay Keith beat, Lil Boat drops some ominous rhymes, while Cardi takes shots at an unnamed rival. “I hear shots on the low comin’ from hoes I’m higher than,” she raps. “This attention is so flatterin’ ’cause they’re admirin’ / Don’t know what’s on their mind but it should be retirement / Get the AARP or this AR get to firin’.”

She continues, “These bitches is 0-3 / And there ain’t a lower league, all in my ovaries / The fur on my shoulder mink / Tell me what Hov would think.”

Fans were quick to cite Nicki Minaj as the target, which Cardi denied. “So 6 bitches came for me while I was pregnant most of them do music and ya thinkin that ? … ya really got issues,” she tweeted before deleting the comment.

Judge for yourself. Listen to “Who Want the Smoke?” below.

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