Cardi B

Cardi B Blasts The Shade Room for Negative Reports

  /  04.23.2019

Cardi B is waging war on The Shade Room.

The Grammy-winning rapper has publicly called out the popular Instagram-based blog, claiming they only report negative stories about her husband Offset and those associated with them. Cardi’s outburst was in response to a recent story about Offset being hit with three charges following his arrest last summer.

In a series of eight Instagram posts, which have since been deleted, Cardi lashed out at the Instagram blog that has over 15 million followers. “This is why I don’t fuck with that nasty ass fake ass page that always claim they for the people but in a BIAS way!” she wrote before defending her Quality Control family including CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Offset. “How many positive shit have offset been doing this year ? Sooo much ! But naaa they rather post about his babymomma drama and cases all cause a refrigerator build bitch that owns the page is mad cause I be calling out the bullshit.”

Cardi B IG Page

During her rant, she went on to personally attack the owner of The Shade Room, Angelica Nwandu, who she called a “water buffalo built bitch.” According to Cardi, the site is not allowed to post about her, but she believes they have a vendetta against her. “She know that she not allowed to post about me, so what does she do, she post mad shit about people who she know that I’m associated with,” she said.

She continued to blast The Shade Room for negative coverage instead of positive stories including Offset’s charitable work, like his $25,000 donation to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund and his $500,000 fundraising campaign for the American Cancer Society. “But they sure posted when he had drama with his baby mom. They sure posted about his court cases, right?” she said.

“That bias shit that people wanna do all the time because they on a fucking hate campaign, they on some fuck QC, fuck Cardi B campaign. That shit is getting wack. It’s trash. How do people want us to change…for what? Why change, if y’all only post the fuck shit that happens in our lives.”

During her social media tirade, she also shared a photo of the owner of The Shade Room. “This is Angie by the way. Ask her why she posting that fake ass support she claim she posting on her story but none of the shit that I posted on my last post ?STOP CLAIMING YOU FOR THE PEOPLE WHEN YOU CAPITALIZE OF URBAN ARTIST DRAMA AND ALWAYS PUTTING THEM IN A BAD LIGHT !”

She ended with a note directed at blogs, chiding them for “fueling” drama including Kodak Black and T.I.’s recent beef. “Stop claiming that y’all for the people when y’all promote these urban artists’ misfortunes,” she said. “Don’t fuel shit that could be taken to the street. Stop fueling this shit.”


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