Listen to an Unreleased Eminem and Proof Freestyle

Tim Westwood digs into his vault and unearths another previously unreleased freestyle, this time from Eminem and his fellow D12 member, the late Proof.

Recorded in 1999 while Em was promoting The Slim Shady LP, the never-before-heard freestyle from Westwood’s “New York Live” with Marley Marl finds Slim Shady up to his usual antics.

“Forget the controversy surrounding me / And all these fake ass press people surrounding me, hounding me,” he raps. “But I don’t give a damn ’cause I smoke a pound of weed / Y’all don’t want none of me.”

He continues to unleash some comical bars off the top. “I’ma cook up crack in a skillet and eat it and smoke it and whatever / Take my dick and poke it,” raps Em before Proof takes the mic.

The freestyle was released in honor of the 10th anniversary of Eminem and Mr. Porter’s Westwood freestyle, which has been viewed over 51 million times.

Listen to their throwback flow below.