Kanye and Donda West

Kanye West Pays Tribute to His Mother on New Song ‘DONDA’

On what would have been her 71st birthday, Kanye West is paying tribute to his late mother.

On Sunday, the rapper-turned-presidential hopeful shared a surprise song called “DONDA,” which opens with his mom, Dr. Donda West, reciting the powerful lyrics to KRS-One’s “Sound of da Police.”

“There can never really be justice on stolen land,” she says. “Are you really for peace and equality? Or when my car’s hooked up — know you wanna follow me? Your laws are minimal because you won’t even think about the real criminal.”

Ye comes in 90 seconds into the track to rap about starting a revolution, fake leaders, and racism. “Mama I need you to tuck me in / I done made some mistakes and they rubbed it in,” he raps. “I know you and grandma had enough of them / Why I gotta be so stubborn then? / I’m doin this one for y’all / So we can end racism once and for all.”

He shared a visual along with a message to his mother, who died in 2007 from surgery complications. “In loving memory of my incredible mother on her birthday 🕊 My mom reciting KRS1 lyrics,” he tweeted. “This song is called DONDA.”

Earlier in the day, Kim Kardashian shared a throwback video of her husband and his mother rapping along to his 2005 song “Hey Mama.”