New Music: Kanye & Common – “Southside Super Bowl”


Here’s something to get you in the mood for Super Bowl Sunday. Chicago natives Kanye West and Common have teamed up to create a song for the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI called “Southside Super Bowl.” There is a TV commercial with the song airing today as well.

Kanye West and Common – “Southside Super Bowl”

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  1. patricia


  2. Clark Kent

    Common and Ye always sound good together, does anyone think they should drop an album together?

  3. Giselle

    NO! Why? Because Kanye would get all the attention, because he’s an attention whore, and he’s sensitive.


    Attention whore is 100% accurate. But, it’s been a while since he put out a hit so really nobody is gonna give a shit what he’s doing. Don’t forget it’s 2007. Kanye took the world by storm with Jesus Walks, but it was 04′ and most he did’nt produce or write that song he just simply performed it. Music is a reflection of self and that’s how you build a loyal fan base. People realize by his selfish personality simply his character that his music is not a reflection of him. Most people are realizing that he’s a mediocre talent that was with the right people at the right time, period. But props to you Giselle, you deserve an award for calling him an attention whore.

  5. Juanito

    Yeah, that’s definitely awesome for a girl to say something like that. Kudos to you girl!!

  6. Giselle

    Thank u fellas…lol.

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