Quote of the Day: Jennifer Hudson


“It’s not hip-hop,” she says firmly. “Let’s just say that. I don’t have anything against it, but it’s not the music that I like to sing. There’s some pop in there, and some R&B-soul, but,” she pauses for emphasis, “not hip-hop.”

–Jennifer Hudson tells Fashion Rocks magazine on the direction of her upcoming album scheduled for release this November

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    Well duh who expects her to have hip-hop songs?

  2. Lucky charms

    lol giselle seriously since when did J-hud become a rapper; no one was expecting you to do hip-hop j-hud, get over it.

  3. Southern Soverign

    I think they meant r&B with a hip-hop influence.

  4. cltim

    its not gonna be r & b either…BALLADS after BALLADS

  5. Harlem's Nocturne

    A ballad isn’t a genre of music; it’s a type of song. There can be R&B ballads.

  6. #1stunna

    Oh boi….why, really, why debate this? Ask yourself this…..Are you REALLY looking forward to her album right now??? The answer is NO.

  7. rubyspirit

    Cool. You better come correct. They didn’t give you that gold man for nothing.

  8. amir82

    #1 agreed .thank god she have NOT hip hop song …! well, I DONT LIKE HER ANYWAY.

  9. Anonymous

    She is way better than Beyonce…

  10. mark

    she is nothing close to beyonce. overrated bloated arrogant pig. jealous bastard who talked about beyonce here.

  11. Luuk Mulligan

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