Keri Hilson Full of ‘Energy’ on Debut Single

keri_energy.jpg has learned exclusively that Keri Hilson has selected “Energy” as the first single from her debut album In a Perfect World…, which is slated for a September 23rd release. The song was produced by The Runaways and will be available digitally on May 27th. Check out the single cover above and listen to a snippet below.

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  1. graicen

    damn its hot i can imagine da song….it sounds like a smash

  2. Mia

    she laME…

  3. maybe me

    that cover is awful, it seems like a kid has playing with photoshop.
    that graphic designer should be drunk to publish that cover! or maybe it\’s only fanmade?

    who knows… actually, the cover it\’s the worst official artwork that i ever seen!

  4. !watevaisayistrue!

    yall da same nuthafukas workin at mcdonalds n shyt fukin black ass haters she is tha shyt n has more loot than half these bitches in the industry

  5. Twinn

    i dont like the cover bcz it dont look like her to me but i like what i hear so far…hopefully this is tha last single change and hopefully her album comes sooooon! but ta Mia…you tha only lame bitch…so why you playin wit yaself…step ya game up and go find you some B.I.Z and stop talikn shit!

  6. Make-Music-Not-War

    This is exactly why black people can\’t display success because other black people always have to bring them down. She is beutiful and extremely talented. Besides those two facts, she has mad money. Despite her individual singing career, she is a music producer who has done plenty of different songs (which we know and have probally liked). Therefore, quit hatin, she is going to be successful whether we like her album covers or not. I don\’t see yall on no album covers!!!!

  7. Brice

    Man she is so beautiful and she can sang not sing but SANG! That song sounds hot and she hot. I would have her kids lmao….but I hope much success to an already black blessed beautiful woman.

  8. sean

    I cant wait to download this song off itunes tomorrow. It sounds incredible! I am a HUGE fan of Keri Hilson and The Clutch. I love Keri\\\\\\\’s solo work with Diddy & Timbaland. This record is gonna be out of control!!! She is amazing.