New Music: Keri Hilson f/ Timbaland – ‘Return the Favor’


If you visit this site often, you’ll know that we haven’t been shy in showing our support for rising R&B singer/songwriter Keri Hilson. Yesterday we reported that Keri’s debut album In a Perfect World… had been pushed back one week to October 14th.

Looks like her label may have plans to release a follow-up single to “Energy” before the album arrives. One song that has been receiving a lot of attention is “Return the Favor,” an electro-dance-pop record with Timbaland. Stream the full song below.

We’ve been asked by Keri’s management to remove the song. We were told this is not the final version. Hopefully, we can share it with you once it’s been officially released.

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    I have heard SO much about this record, glad to hear it now thanks rap-up.

    I feel she should’ve released this first to gain an audience at least. But maybe she wanted to be independent of Timbaland, but hey. You have to sort of swallow your pride to achieve spins.

    It pales in comparison to The Way I Are, but it has an euro-vibe.

    I actually prefer Energy, but this is her hit.


    lol @ that pic.

  3. Rap-Up

    Hey BASS_MAN, thank you for your continued support of Rap-Up. We always see you commenting on here and had to shout you out.

    And to everyone else who comments on the site regularly (despite the problems with the commenting system), we appreciate you too!

  4. roxer

    i love the song, but i hope that the next single would be more like high heels or so, more r&b-ish
    and hey! why the label and keri herself doesn’t say that the album has been delayed? the last week on the angie martinez show she still was saying that her album would drop on september! i’m dissapointed about this.

  5. ThafutureakaDJTriumph

    thanks. i try. no but seriously i love this blog.

  6. Giselle

    I really love this song!

  7. Vince

    Now this song is what I expected from Keri. Uptempo, spicy, and energizing. 2nd time’s a charm here!


    o snap! woowww thankksss rap-up! that really means alot!

    but really all of you there in L.A. (and other cities) really keep everyone updated. I always come to rap-up FIRST, for my daily music news, as soon as I get home from school. and you’ll always have my support. thanks, again :D

    –After a couple listens, the Keri track grows on you. It’s missing something though…I just wish it went a little harder…I think it’s the bass, there’s almost none.(i love bass btw lol)

  9. V.I.P. JiGGa

    I’ve been Waiting SO LOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGGG for this track!!! The Snippet was in constant rotation for the longest. Thank YOU RAP-UP!!!

  10. Catie

    I love it. It’s too bad “Energy” didn’t get that much of a buzz. Thanks Rap-Up for posting it.

  11. Giselle

    Rap-Up, I agree with BASS_MAN, when I log on I can go to another website or blog but I choose you guys’ blog because you guys update really fast, and you guys are always correct about everything. I’ve been coming to this site since, what 2006? Love the site, and I will continue to support you all, over there at Rap-Up.

  12. Rap-Up

    Giselle, we truly appreciate you sticking with us since the early stages. It doesn’t go unnoticed and unappreciated.

    Thanks to everyone for making the site what it is. We’ve got some big things in store over the next few months.

  13. anna

    Aww, I missed the song and now its removed.
    But anyways I agree with Giselle is a great music blog. I have been affiliates with them since 2006! lol. I wonder if Rap-up is going to put up a new layout design in the future? :)

  14. Kubus

    Rap-Up is on of the first sites I check out when Im on the computer and I visit twice or more a day. I never comment though.

    Only thing Rap-Up needs is a new slick layout design, I would be glad to help. Left my good e-mail behind now. ;)

  15. BASS_MAN

    yeah, Giselle since 2006!

    It feels like a big family lol

  16. cocao

    thanks for your message.

  17. cocao

    thanks so much for your message.

  18. Princess Mary Lynn

    One of the Best Keri’s songs!