Video: Kat DeLuna f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Unstoppable’


“Unstoppable” is the first single off Kat DeLuna’s sophomore album Inside Out, the follow-up to 2007′s 9 Lives. The song and video feature her Universal Motown labelmate Lil Wayne.

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  1. Kyle

    I can see this song getting a lot of airplay on pop radio. Not gonna lie though, it looks like she\’s trying too hard. It seems like she has been studying Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera musical styles a bit too much. I loved her first album, so I won\’t turn my back on her just yet.



    weird but its okay


  3. Dominicano

    a bit boring but kinda not at the same time but i luv the song tho


  4. palp

    wow that sucks. did polow do the beat?


  5. kay

    it looks like her hair gonna eat me, ugly, cheap, and ripped off ( Rihanna, GaGa & Aguilera )


  6. wameezy

    yo this song is HORRIBLE it wont even be able to grow on me and Lil Wayne did absolutely nothing to the track. Im not tryna hate but its the truth!


  7. LaMont

    2 thumbs down! The song and video are WACK!!! :roll:


  8. Catie

    The only big problem in the video is that there is clearly a dance breakdown in the song yet she doesn’t do any dancing in the video (like real choreographed dancing).

    Despite the mediocre video, i absolutely love the song.


  9. amy

    i like her..she is trying. but the song is horrible seriously.. its like gross!!!
    i hate how she is dressed.. and wot is with the hand movements she is doing!!!


  10. Kathia

    WoW!! Really??? All I can say is that. I am not surprised that others are thinking the same thing.


  11. Ejoe

    Hey ya’ll, she’s great, so all the haters shut uo, ’cause she’s got more than christina or rihanna, and she’ll prove it to you!


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