Rihanna Alleged Victim in Chris Brown Case

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Rihanna is the named alleged victim in the Chris Brown case and the allegation is that she was assaulted with a deadly weapon, TMZ.com has confirmed.

Law enforcement officials call the incident assault with a deadly weapon and the crime report gives the victim’s name as Robyn Fenty, better known as Rihanna. The nature of the weapon is unknown.

Both artists pulled out of their performances at Sunday’s Grammy Awards. Brown was arrested and booked on felony charges the same night.

Rihanna’s publicist issued a statement on Sunday saying, “Rihanna is well. Thank you for your concern and support.”

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  1. rickee queen

    wtf chris…….. u know what i shouldnt be pointin da fingure but u know what dat wud b messed up if u really put ur hands on rihanna dude >:(





  3. kanye east

    chris brown sucks.


  4. love bee

    this is disgusting chris brown wtf man


  5. Joseph

    I Lost ANY and ALL respect for chris brown – F***ing @$$whole


  6. Chanti B

    It’s A Damn Shame, He Had Such A Super Clean Cut Rep.. Unlike Most Celebs.



  7. FF

    I’d like to have 5 minutes with this guy. End return the favor…


  8. kay

    Chris is a p*ssy ! I said it already and I’ll keep on saying it, that incident killed his career, hope to not hear about him in years bastard !


  9. Drake

    I lost all the little respect I had for him.
    And his momma got beat too….
    he spoke about that on Tyra.
    Why would he do this too Rihanna???
    She is way too good for him.


  10. chris

    Chris is a p*ssy. And a f*cking sissy.


  11. bass_man

    I think Chanti said it best. It’s disgraceful.

    Drake: what?! see, that’s even worse.


  12. Catie

    Wow, who ever expected this? I really never saw Chris Brown as this kind of person, it’s so disappointing. He can kiss his career goodbye. I hope Rihanna is doing alright.


  13. Nick

    OMG this is getting juicy!


  14. drtash

    WTF! How you gonna beat up on your woman like that? That’s disgusting. Even if the argument gets too heated you don’t put your hands on her..walk away if its too much. I think this boy needs to go to prison for a while, and then maybe he’ll learn a thing or two about how to be a man. Say goodbye to your fans and your career Chris. T’was nice knowing ya…NOT!


  15. antwaun

    now its time for me to get on my grind & get out there with some music, since chris career is dead & gone


  16. joey

    okay hes a lil fuck. i dont think that he should even try 2 make anymore music bacause rihanna is like americas sweetheart. rihanna is beautiful how could he do that? hes a fucking pussy! chris brown u are a pussy! i hope he ends up goin 2 jail because theres tons of big men in there cells that would want 2 tare up his little ass. fuck chris brown!


  17. dan

    stfu all of u chris brown is stil amzing. u dont kno shit what happned u fuckers


  18. Bre

    the next boby & whitey


  19. joey

    true that^ and dan for wat we do know hes a asshole


  20. EJ

    Dan wtf is wrong wit u? I had mad respect for Chris, till now. You don’t ever put your hands on a woman.

    And I love Riri. She better leave his sorry ass.


  21. Galil ( PINOY LIFE)

    WOW looks like the girls favorite boy Chris Brown ain’t gonna be loved anymore if this story is true.


  22. Jon Edwards

    damn i didnt know bout this


  23. annonymous

    wow… you people really need to get lives
    whos to say if he did or he didnt assualt her..
    lol it happens everyday and you people dont care about those people..
    instead you sit on here and comment about celebs..
    like i said… whoa


  24. Bweezy

    yo it fuck still chris a fuckin fool zimi fire fi di boy …..pussy fi real.


  25. MzIna

    Um annonymous I care about any person no matter what their gender,sexual orientation, or ethnicity.Domestic Violence is wrong.Unless Rihanna had a gun to his head he had no right to beat her up….Im going to create a petition against Chris Brown if he is found guilty.He is not going to get like R.Kelly and be scott free.


  26. Katie

    I HATE YOU CHRIS BROWN YOU HAVE MADE ME VERY ANGRY =@ ROT IN HELL. Always thought he were a wierrrrrdo.


  27. dan

    all of you are correct but what i mean is that didnt you all love him as an artist…till i get the full story ill see….


  28. chuck

    let’s hope kanye,jay-z,and the other true giants stand up for Rihanna and turn their crews LOOSE on this gutless failureof a human being and make him wish to God he was bending over in prison. Settle out of court in a big way. If this little punk disappears it’ll be no great loss.


  29. cash money

    I wonder what they was in a argument about that made chris brown so mad his punk ass had to bite her real men dont bite or smack the women there with we just walk away let them figure that crap out for themself he need a real man to kick his ass


  30. cash money

    well well well mr. brown let out his true color .trying to be a gangster on a female


  31. tayiah

    Ayo i dnt thick chris breezy didi that son $ get what she talkin bout.


  32. Delena

    I’m not believing it till I see proof. I’m hearing too many diferent stories. One says he slapped the other says he choked her till she passed the other says he punched her, another says he bit her…..I’ve seen on the news that supposedly Rhianna has contusions on her face and that she has cuts…I’m not believing any of this till those pictures are released and even then I’ll be skeptical. Not saying that he’s justified or anything or innocent….I just won’t believe anything until I see proof.


  33. jamiara shantel bates

    man i aint gone take nobody side but that shit is wrong for you to put your hands on her i love both of yall with all my heart but a man should never put thay hands on a female thats why you got other niggas in the world to beat up on. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.i used to look up to you, but now i can i look up to somebody who hit women. that was real dumb of you. i know your beautiful mama tought you better than that. dont even pay attention to all that shit them kids up there said just try to stay strong and get your girl back. this tyme try to be a real man and do right by rihanna and every other girl in this world. yall are both still my role models and the people i look up to.love yall


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    [...] has issued her first statement since she was allegedly attacked by Chris Brown on Feb. [...]

  35. kr

    chris brown made one mistake and everyone jumps on him about it isnt fair. This is his first and probably last mistake he’ll make in his career and rihanna is probably lying chris brown is a cool guy and the whole story doesnt make any sence..


  36. sha

    Datz watz up chris.. Slap dat gurl


  37. angel

    aint das ova with


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