New Mariah Carey Single This Spring?

The-Dream and Mariah Carey

The-Dream spoke exclusively to about his involvement with Mariah Carey’s twelfth studio album, tentatively titled MC3.

“We’re working on M.C. stuff…incredible!” said the “Rockin’ That Thang” singer. “We’ve got seven songs already; it’s been like two weeks. We’re just moving right along, so hopefully she’ll just put the single out there in the next couple of months.”

The-Dream and producer Tricky Stewart have already written and produced the bulk of Carey’s follow-up to last year’s chart-topper E=MC². A release date for the new album has not been set, but the first single will likely be crafted by the hitmaking duo, who were also responsible for “Touch My Body.”

The Radio Killa Records founder will release his sophomore album Love vs. Money on March 10 featuring Mimi on the single “My Love.” He is also working with Christina Milian on her upcoming project.

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  1. V.I.P. JiGGa

    The-Dream GETTIN PAID!


  2. Nick

    Why is she rushing this?


  3. bass_man

    They would name it MC3. smh. o.O

    Can’t wait for Love v. Money though! :D


  4. Catie

    They gave up on “E=MC2″ too early! Her label and/or Mariah chose the worst singles from the album. “Migrate” should have been the 2nd single with “I Stay in Love” being the following single, not released after a single that failed (ala “Lovin’ U Long Time”.)

    Unless her label and herself are really confident about this album then i think she should wait.


  5. tamone

    im excited for the dream’s and mariahs new album!

    im happy that shes releasing a single soon.

    e=mc2 was a good album,
    but she didnt do much to promote it , i think it was just a FUN album.

    but hopefully this album will get her more grammys and number 1′s!

    i know it will


  6. Randy C

    The Dream is nothing more than a hater, thats why he thinks everybody hates him for writing single ladies cause he thinks everybodys jealous like him and hes so bitter about it I bet he didnt even write the song, tricky or a ghostwriter probably did. The Jonas Brothers should stomp him out and teach him to keep his mouth shut.


  7. Will

    The Dream .. LEAVE MIMI ALONE! Mariah spends YEARS on her albums .. thats how she gets them too perfection !! She is not Miley Cyrus who makes a album in 3 months! Mariah DROP this joke .. you can do better .. go back to the writers and producers of Emancipation!! If she releaes a album & sngle this year … then it will eb a miracle if it doesnt flop. Oh Mariah, you screwed up E=MC2 .. dont screw up your career by letting this joke tell you what to do!


  8. Josh

    Man I was hoping this old cow would be put out to pasture by now, every album she makes sounds the same and she is a bore its strange why anyone buys her crao in the 1st place.


  9. Tohamy

    im quite excited….


  10. Randy C

    Dont call me a joke, I didnt say a bad word about Mariah. I take back what I said about Dream cause he may have had a point I didnt think of but I’m a big C.Mili fan and he stabbed her in the back and buried her. Hes a two faced scumbag that doesnt care that he probably ruined her life and the sad part is she still might know.


  11. Randy C

    not know*


  12. Randy C

    If she does know and shes still with him, I lost all my respect for her cause not only is she f*cking for tracks, but she’ll be a doormat to do it.


  13. Randy C

    Oops, you called Dream a joke I thought you called me a joke. Good call, he’s gonna drag Mariah down too, hes a pothetic loser.


  14. Ju Star

    F*uck you Josh. You are a jealous b*itch. Mariah is the most successful female recording artist of all time. She is the best, no matter what she doing!!


  15. EvanRC91

    I can’t wait. I love Mariah. I hope this album is a sound between her old albums and E=MC2.


  16. Nathan

    I hope “My Love” becomes The-Dream’s first #1 (Mariah’s 19th). If it does, she’ll most likely put it on her album. The-Dream’s “Rockin’ That Thang” deserves to be #1 too…So did “Shawty is a 10!” He’s got a really unique sound that just doesn’t get it’s justice on the radio. Music on the radio is so old after awhile since they play the same songs for like half a year. Whatever, I’m preaching to the choir anyway. All I know is radio jipped MC’s last album, with only one major hit.


  17. Josh

    F@uck u harder Ju Star you just showed how stupid you really are, according to BILLBOARD, THE RIAA, THE IFPI and The United World Chart MADONNA is the most sucessful female vocalist of the ENTIRE rock era having sold more albums and singles than ANY other female artist and MADONNA is 2nd only to the Beatles in album sales world wide, PLUS, MADONNA is the wealthist female vocalist, has the most global #1 singles of ANY artist period and is the higgest grossing concert artist of all time. And is is in the rock and roll hall of fame and the 1st female artist (and the only 1 to be inducted 1st year into the UK hall of fame as 1 of the 5 founding members). Mariah is not even the 2nd best selling female vocalist what a pity huh? I would never be envious of such a fat tramp who has NO style and is a big bi@tch on top of it all.


  18. Isla

    OMG Ju Star everyone knows that Madonna is the most sucessful female recording artist of all time its in the book of world records and its true that Madonna has sold more albums by far than Mariah not only globally but in the USA as well. No other artist has had more #1 singles than Madonna on the Unikted World Chart not even Elvis or the Beatles, and if you review it Madonna had more #1 singles every decade (80′s 90′s and 00′s) than any other artist period.. she also hold the record for having the most weeks at #1 on the world chart (22 straight in 2005)


  19. Ry

    I’m surprised by the luke-warm response to E=MC2. I actually thought it was one of the best albums of her career…packed full of songs that I enjoy listening to from beginning to end. Where the label went wrong was releasing “Bye Bye” as the second single. Perhaps an up-tempo follow-up to “Touch My Body” would have sustained interest in the project. “Lovin’ U Long Time” was a solid song and should have been a hit. “I Stay in Love” was every bit as good as “We Belong Together.” “Migrate” was definitely destined for the clubs as was “OOC.” I just think that the pop market is so fickle lately…it’s really hard to predict what will sell and what won’t.


  20. Andrew

    I can’t tell 1 Mariah Carey album from another anymore they all sound the same.


  21. NitsuJ

    People be hatin on MC, but regardless if she’s the #1 or #5 or #10 biggest artist she is popular as hell so back up off her. I personally thought E=MC2 was a dope album. Still playin it on the regular. The next album will be fire, just wait. I do agree that MC needs to work with a wider range of people rather than focuses too much on Dream.


  22. TaShonda

    She looks like a slut is why she is popular I wished she would just retire the houchie is getting to old to flash that nasty thing of hers around and we all know its be around and around.


  23. NitsuJ

    you ignorant.


  24. brett

    the dream has been running the game for a min now, all you dream haters can suck a dick. RADIO KILLA!!!!


  25. Tayshaun






  26. lilfancyb

    I cant wait….Love her music!


  27. Katarzyna Krassowska

    Yo!!! I`am writing from Greenville,SouthCarolina
    I`am the biggest,biggest,fan of Mariah Carey so
    everybody watch out there.Don`t mess with my girl
    are something will go down!!!!!.



  28. Ann

    Tayshaun you must not watch the charts then Madonna’s last 4 or 5 albums went straight to #1v in the USA not to mention almost all of her singles have went to #1 in the USA on the sales chart in Billboard, not bad for someone who is irrelevant, plus her albums in this decade all outsell Mariah’s globally. Mariah does not have a huge global impact Madonna does, that makes her more relevant


  29. Dilan

    Honestly Josh and tashonda grow up, this Blog doesn’t need any of your madonna bullshit, why u even saying her name here when it’s about mc, I know why because u think of her as a massive threat, personally I think madonna is the one who needs to retire, she is practically grandma, and I reckon mariah has more style in one album then all of madonna’s put together.

    Back to MC3, I reckon that mc should be working with j.Austin who helped her write most of the amazing songs in her career, I think it’s fine that she is working with the dream, but it’s important this new album does not get trashed as the label stuffed up E=MC2 by not marketing it well and the singles that got released. I believe she lost concertration as well because of her marriage, so I just hope shes serious this time and hope she gives her all, because she deserves more than 25 #1′s


  30. Mc Fan

    I think E=MC2 is a great album,But the single that have been released is stupid choices to me.There’s so many great tracks on the album and she chosed bye bye.???.


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