LeToya Luckett’s ‘Lady Love’ Moved to May

LeToya Luckett

Every artist suffers from it sooner or later. Now LeToya Luckett is the latest victim of the constant album pushback.

The H-Town chick will now release her sophomore album Lady Love on May 19. The follow-up to 2006′s LeToya had previously been scheduled for April 7. If the new date sticks, she will go up against Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, which was also recently pushed back.

The R&B singer shot a Motown-inspired video for her first single “Not Anymore” with director Bryan Barber in Los Angeles.

Rap-Up TV was with LeToya as she got ready for this year’s Grammys. Watch the video here.

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  1. carl

    Against Lil Wayne? NO chance!


  2. Larissa

    Who said she was just shooting for #1 hater.


  3. you already know

    oh carl i’m so sick of you, you need to be worried about Ciara and why her ass can’t get any singles to stick. Go Toya i’m rooting for you girl. The songs is starting to pick up and ppl are really loving it!!!!!


  4. D

    what does ciara have to do with this. carl said nothing about ciara. you don’t already know dumb hater.

    anyway, lil wayne and toya pushed back from april 7. so that leaves ci from the urban market to hold it down


  5. me

    how you gone talk about singles sticking and then compare ci to toya. ci’s had a song in the top 10 in her career. not just on the rnb charts. and never ever is climbing up the charts so check your facts.


  6. Nick


    FLOP! This bitch is history, why is the label wasting their time with her and this album? The album is just gonna sink anyways. Shelve that sh*t. Along with Ciara’s trash.


  7. you already know

    @ D and me

    Because Carl is always talking about LeToya in a negtive way on Toyas-world.net that’s why so y’all need to know what your talking about before you talk and for your info.

    At least LeToya is getting play with this song in the last week it has had 132 spins and has been the 3rd most played song this week. and it hasn’t even hit airwaves offically until feb. 24 and it hasn’t hit pop charts yet until a few weeks after so bump what y’all haters are saying


  8. Ali

    To the people who constantly hate. Which artist do you support? Do u have a record deal? I do not like some but never will hate online. Stop hating, appreciate…
    And to Carl get a life, you’re on Toya’s blog and others sites and all you do is to hate on Letoya… You’re really boring, honestly… I think that your IP addss shud be traced and banned…


  9. carl

    So you 2 have been following me form serial blogs? FREAKS!

    February 21st, 2009 at 11:12 am

    To the people who constantly hate. Which artist do you support? Do u have a record deal?

    um… I don’t get paid hundreds of millions to make others enjoy my music so your point makes no sense.


  10. Catie

    Pushing an album back only makes people want the album less. When are artists going to realize this?


  11. Lil' Nello

    Damn I been waiting for this for a while hopefully they don’t push it back again! LeToya is a real good artist & her debut solo album was real good she is a very underrated artist!


  12. Lil' Nello

    She is besides B the best looking female that was in DC to as evidence from this photo right here! God lord she is fine as hell!


  13. faceenterprise

    Get it Toya she is looking so beautiful. she is really stepping her game up and i’m proud of her. I can’t wait for the album. And the video =D


  14. 2hot2handle

    WOW!!!! I can’t wait for the album. I really hope she brings it even harder this time around. IDK who she’s going up against all she has to do is promote, promote, promote.


  15. justin

    it got pushed only because of promotion no flops yet so everyone chill lol


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