Lil Wayne’s ‘Rebirth’ Catches June Gloom

Lil Wayne

Call a doctor. We have another case of the chronic album pushback. The latest patient goes by the name Weezy F. Baby.

Lil Wayne’s first foray into rock, Rebirth, has come down with June gloom. The album has been pushed back to June 9, has exclusively confirmed. It was previously scheduled to go head-to-head with Eminem’s Relapse and Busta Rhymes’ Back On My B.S. on May 19.

The album’s second offering, “Hot Revolver,” was released to iTunes on Tuesday. Listen to the song here.

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  1. Mark

    He’ll FLOP! The BEP is GONNA KILL his sales!!


  2. ugh



  3. Yan

    Flop Queen!


  4. caps 0808

    calm down, its best if he pushes it back, its not promoted enough and he needs more time to make this dramtic change, i beleiev for now its been a succes prom queen has hit 15 on billboard and has been on the charts 6 cnsequtive weeks, hot revolver seems even more promising !!!!!


  5. Nick

    Oh please, if Hot Revolver flops too, they need to scrap the album and push Tha Carter up.


  6. Kevin

    True! They put out some songs, got the feedback, (which is horrible) and now have to try and fix this mess.


  7. Catie

    He didn’t want to compete with Eminem because we all know Eminem will probably have the best first week sales of the year. I have a feeling that Lil Wayne will be pushed back until a hit singles comes from “Rebirth” and from what i’ve been hearing so far, that’s going to be awhile.


  8. jay

    yall dont fuckin kno good music dude is ill whether he do rap or rock period!! weezy f. baby fuck tha haterz


  9. nik

    this album will be sickkkk if yall just give it a chance, i feel people are very close minded, yess he is a real gd rapper one of da best, but try to change ur view and look at this as rock/hip hop n ull like it, stop comparin it to rap, its different


  10. jrib

    yall bitch, if sumone like ciara or 50 cent push there albums back and talk shit but when wayne does it o give it time,stfu wayne garbage..besides if he do drop carter 4 in december he gonna have to face em again so he gonna lose regardless….remembee rihanna,em,chris brown,50cent and jayz drop durrin holiday season he done…


  11. WHOA

    Uhm I think he keeps pushing that shit back cas everyone gets the fukkin leaks and he aint letting that shit happen so he wants people to fukkn luv it and have to get it to know wat it is. Weezy (fashion) baby


  12. Fowler

    Let him do his thing. It’s just about the music. He’s trying something different which is more than we can say of any other artist of this generation. If you people want the Rebirth to flop so bad, why waste your time looking it up on the internet. Get a fukin life.


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