New Music: Eminem – ‘We Made You’


At last, Eminem makes his official return to music with “We Made You,” the first single off his sixth studio album Relapse (May 19). The infamous MC takes shots at Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Ellen DeGeneres, Sarah Palin, and more on the Dr. Dre-produced track.

Is Em’s celebrity-bashing shtick getting old or will this be another No. 1 smash?

Eminem – “We Made You”


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  1. LOVE SEX MAGIC on iTunes now!



  2. carl

    Boring, Next —->


  3. Galil (Pinoy baby)

    At least 50 Cent ain’t on this track.


  4. aneesh

    i liked it, typical eminem first single, showing he still has the best and funniest lyrics in the game. i dont think itll be #1 but itll break the top 10.


  5. gs

    That chorus Is Wank. Waited 4 years for somthing speacial and this and crack a bottle havent delievered yet


  6. Dominicano

    Its really blah and he need to stay to crack a bottle type of music


  7. ron.e

    old and tired! i can’t even get myself to click and listen to it.


  8. BP86

    the whole “oh, i’m gonna make fun of people” thing is kind of done. I know it’s his “thing”, but it’s also good to adapt to the times. It’s not 2001 anymore.


  9. dan

    am i the only one who thinks em looks a little weired in the face? in all new pictures and in the video…

    like he had some plastic surgery and too much make-up or something

    the song… i like the chorus, but his parts are not that good

    but his best songs were always the non-singles


  10. the wolfkin – i liked it. it’s obviously single song but for what it is It’s cool. that’s a link to one still av ailable since this one is dead


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