Video: Kanye West f/ Young Jeezy – ‘Amazing’


Kanye West graces us with his “Amazing” new video directed by Hype Williams. Shot in Hawaii, the third single from 808s & Heartbreak features Young Jeezy. This is the sh*t and the urine.

Plus, Mr. West lets his ego out of the cage on “106 & Park.” Could Rocsi be any more of a kiss-ass?

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  1. ugh

    “This is the sh*t and the urine.”
    please rap-up, never say that again….

    awesome video though


  2. IAmMusic

    Rap-Up was quoting Kanye. SMH at ^^


  3. Dillon_68

    I got entranced in that video, so amazing…!


  4. bass_man

    lol @ ugh.

    and thanks to iammusic for clearing that up.

    because i was like “uh uh hahaha”

    the terrence and kanye interaction was awkward. and rocsi and ole dude were just INFLATING that head. omw.
    video wasn’t even that great.


  5. Giselle

    This is my FAVORITE song right now, the video only makes me love it more.


  6. Jay

    lol Rap-Up you crazy…that was funny!!! I love this video! Hawaii is so beautiful I want a video for every song off 808′s & Heartbreak! Kanye is the greatest!


  7. Tone

    hot video


  8. Galil (Pinoy Baby)

    I just think Rosci is HOOOT!!! Her hair was better at the time but fuck it she still HOOT!!!.


  9. crunkpoet

    beautiful..truly amazing scenery..but it was kinda boring lol


  10. Catie

    It’s weird because i’m actually kind of sick of this song and alot of people are just hearing it for the first time. When i bought the album back in November, this was one of the tracks that i had on repeat. Anyways, the video is amazing (no pun intended).


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