Ladies Night at Operation Smile

D. Woods and Mya

D. “Amen” Woods and Mya put on their happy faces at Operation Smile’s 2009 Jr. Smile Collection event at Capitale in New York City on Thursday. Other ladies in attendance included JoJo and Shontelle.

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  1. mr_baxter

    It’s always a pleasure to see my girl Mya


  2. ANON

    Where has JoJo been?! She looks great.


  3. Giselle

    JoJo looks nice


  4. Bruno

    Mya looks gorgeous as always!


  5. Jay

    Man JoJo is all grown up! Mya always looks good…I wonder when she’s comin back


  6. MIlES

    MYá comeBACK MYá Myá myá!


  7. justin

    Mya yea!


  8. Catie


    Mya and JoJo look gorg.


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