Lil Wayne Among TIME’s Most Influential

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has traded in his street cred for a new title: World’s Most Influential Person.

Weezy ranked at No. 12 on TIME magazine’s third annual TIME 100 poll. This is the first time the 26-year-old rapper has made the prestigious list. He was voted for 939,993 times.

Lil Wayne’s I Am Music tourmate T-Pain also made the cut at No. 34 with 790,554 votes. M.I.A. (No. 105) and Kanye West (No. 144) placed outside the top 100.

“His Grammy-winning, multiplatinum album, Tha Carter III, was the perfect showcase for Wayne’s raw, hilarious, and often outer-planetary rap style,” TIME says of Wayne. “And his Southern-gentleman act is legit, as evidenced by his slightly flirty interview with Katie Couric.”

Lil Wayne and T-Pain landed above such notables as Barack Obama (No. 37) and Oprah Winfrey (No. 98).

The TIME 100 poll was determined by votes and influence ratings on Click here to see the full list.

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  1. brandon

    you cant be serious.

    i mean not even lil wayne not deserving to be up there, buy why the hell is m.i.a on there?



    lmfao brandon…. I agree


  3. Yan

    what the hell is T-Pain doing on 34 ?


  4. Giselle

    So he got more votes than Barack and Oprah? LMAO.


  5. truthandpancakes

    Pain should have been #1. as far as influential goes…..wayne and ye both sound like him now. singing using autotune. its that simple.


  6. Catie

    Britney Spears should have got more votes, she should be in the top ten rather than #30. She has had an incredible journey throughout the last year.


  7. Cina

    Sorry Lil Wayne your not that influential, hope your Rock album goes up the chart. But I’ll pass on that.


  8. kevin

    that’s my idol


  9. Sam

    It’s a pretty sad day when a shitty rapper is considered more influential than the president of the United States


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