Rihanna Is Flyer Than the Rest of Them


Rihanna has been all over NYC lately. After her show-stopping appearance at the Met Costume Ball earlier in the week, RiRi attended the 3rd Annual DKMS Linked Against Leukemia Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on Thursday.

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  1. rap_up is beast

    She should stay hidden a little more, seeing as how she got her @ss beat by one of the gayest R&B singers in history


  2. anonymous

    dang girl why you gotta be so fine???


  3. Giselle

    Fashion icon at her best.


  4. ugh

    boots ruined the outfit


  5. maximilian

    she is sooooo BAD!…….no matta wat she do or go, she is always on point! FASHIONISTA TO THA FULLEST……


  6. `Shawtaye.

    Loving the outfit. FACKING LAV IT!


  7. rihannarunzit!

    Gorgeous beauty. The haters are on full blast all over the NEt. They thought Rihanna was down and out!!! roflmmfffaaaoooooooooooo

    Rihanna is an international superstar and just proved to everyody she is still good graces with

    Gucci and Cover Girl and of course precious Jasmina. Sorry haters, Rihanna is the media darling. hate it or like it. she’s gonna stay on top. She’s only 21, so young, so fresh, so tender!


  8. Catie

    She looks pretty but i’m getting kind of tired of the short hair. I wish she would grow her out again or get extensions, she looked so much better with longer hair.


  9. LimBo

    Rhianna is a true fashion icon & I applaud her for her style, now if only she could channel that concentration into her music.


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