On the Scene: Beyoncé, Ashanti, Estelle, Jordin Sparks, John Legend, Sean Paul


Beyoncé wowed 15,000 fans at her “I Am…” tour stop in Madrid, Spain, on Tuesday. B’s tour will kick off stateside on June 21 at New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

Estelle and Jordin Sparks at the BMI Pop Awards, Ashanti prepares for Broadway, on set of Fabolous’ movie Loso’s Way, John Legend, and more below.

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  1. love bee

    queen bee gorgeous


  2. loly

    go head with your fierce self, queen B!


  3. TheGoodGood

    John Legend’s girlfriendis starting to grow on me….


  4. babybenz

    Queen Bey! Too fly! Hahahh! She always bring it… Everyone looks good! Hey dj Triumph hit me up! B


  5. sosiccwitswagga

    So gorgeous the queen beyonce, I love you boo…


  6. sosiccwitswagga

    So gorgeous the queen beyonce, I love you beyonce ur the best ever..


  7. Brina

    Ashanti looks beautiful.


  8. Catie

    Jordin Sparks looks fab! I love her hair.


  9. oldbey

    Old tired face BeYawnSay. Chick even looks played out. with her 35 year old self.


  10. Jay

    Man … there gotta be a hater in the comments … anyway Queen Bee looking hot & fly as always, what’s higher than her ?


  11. Bryan Koheba Myrick

    i cant wait til her video ego come out 2marr!!!!!!!!! LUV U BEYONCE


  12. Jay

    Beyonce workin hard


  13. my opinion

    Ashanti looks pretty, Beyonce hips look like they ready to fall…she needs to get a better wardrobe. Jordan Sparks is too cute. Sean Paul please come out with some banging music…reggae world has missed ya.


  14. sexiikiim09

    beyonce looks terrible sorry this bitch is old but def still love her music tho!


  15. real talk

    Jordan sparks is under-rated. i think she looks better than old ass beyonce and her voice is great…. but certain people are on beyonce’s ass 24/7 just sucking it…..fuck beyonce real talk jordan sparks is better i dont care what nobody says.


  16. Cynthia

    It’s nice to see BEYONCE moving on the floor….gogogo!you are my idol.


  17. Cynthia

    you real talk, don’t you ever insult my idol…shit you are…


  18. don

    beyonce looks like a drag queen !!! the hips in this outfits looks crazy, anything to make the waist look smaller even if you look stupid….don’t turn around i know the butt pads are back there…


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