Bruno Makes an Ass Out of Eminem

Bruno and Eminem

The flamboyantly gay character Bruno, better known as Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat fame, pulled the stunt of all stunts by descending from the ceiling and landing bare-assed on Eminem at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

After the incident, a fight broke out, curse words were exchanged, and Eminem stormed out. But no acting could lead us to believe that was not staged.

Bruno and Eminem Bruno and Eminem

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  1. dan

    sorry eminem, you’re a joke

    after making fun of every one else and especially gays you could have take that more funny…

    shows how stupid you are…

    by the way, it was a little too much from bruno

    but you can see…eminem makes jokes but can’t take em


  2. Kyle

    wooowww…that did NOT LOOK STAGED. Eminem looked so pissed.


  3. Electrik Red- "P Is For Power" Next Single!!!!

    thats what he get!!!!


  4. jj3309

    lol…thats what his wack a**


  5. Giselle

    Hmm, it was funny at first but to put your ass in someone face is just not ok. Eminem looked toooo uncomfortable.



    ok this was definately not scripted Eminem was obviously pissed i cant help but LMFAO hahahahaahaaaa this is going to be talked about for a long time! i guess that song Insane got out to everyone thinkin hes gay so they gave him a taste of his own medicine sacha baron cohen is the man hahahahaaaa!


  7. Fico

    em is a joke period!


  8. Mr. Roland

    i think that was acted to get more hype around relapse, if em had no idea about that, it gonna be some serious problem for mtv and bruno.


  9. Eminem Bruno Video: Eminem MTV Movie Awards » Right On Music

    [...] widespread as to whether or not the incident was staged and/or whether Eminem was in on the joke. Here are photos of the [...]

  10. An0thrDream

    that was real awkward. But if em is gonna call out all these ppl n make jokes outta them, he’s gotta be cool about gettin some in return.


  11. bijan

    How could that not have been staged. For Bruno to just fall perfectly onto Eminem. And for Eminem to get pissed, that was way too diva of him, he just performed, why wouldn’t he joke along.


  12. Catie

    I don’t know, i heard it wasn’t staged at all and that Eminem had no idea about. He also seemed really pissed. By the way, Em looked great during his performance.


  13. CB

    ppl dat think is fake well is NOT…she left after da MMW after dat hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahsrry but is really funny


  14. Quint

    lol people.. how can this not be staged?


  15. DAMN

    when has Em ever put his real ass in someone’s face?…i mean words are just words..this is too much even for MTV..their gonna feel the aftermath of this stunt even if it was all Bruno’s idea.. no more Em exclusives for MTV!! i mean after 2002 music awards its like MTV just wants to always make Em angry for ratings


  16. TALES

    A Hunter’s day, other a Prey’s day.


  17. Lilly

    Lol @ you guys for getting all up in arms over something that was clearly staged!
    Come on, his bodyguards didn’t react untill he told them get Bruno of him!
    If it was real they would’ve push Bruno away in the air before he could land on feminem! Or they would pulled feminem aside!
    And you guys wanna explain why bruno landed perfectly on Ms. Marshall?
    why didn’t he pushed him away or stood up, but instead sat there still?


  18. drtash

    It’s funny how Eminem loves to make jokes about other people, but when the joke is turned on him, he doesn’t like it. Oh well…..he’ll get some publicity from it anyway so he can’t be that mad can he?


  19. (T) in tHe zOne

    em…u love to dish it out..
    ..well now u know how mean ur dishes are
    but i do think it was too much from bruno
    but it was still too funny hahahahaha:—–D


  20. nick

    dishing it out in a rap song is a lot different than getting some guys ass in your face. So the “if you dish it, you gotta be able to take it” is not even relevant in this case. No one would want Cohens retarded junk in their face. There is no way Eminem would have agreed to that. IMO.


  21. That Dude

    ill be pissed too if someone put their ass in my face. Joke for MTV: no more eminem performances or interviews….—there goes their ratings…haha


  22. Jay

    lol That made my day, no my year!!! Loved it! I guess Bruno just pulled his name out of a hat on random, just like Em picks at random who he hates on. Only because it rhymes of course. lol!!!!!


  23. Jay

    Man I’m still laughing just thinking about it! ha!


  24. everyone on here...

    you guys are all little kids.mtv use eminem to promote the hell out of that lame ass show to do a prank on him, mtv no class. eminem makes fun of people but no way does physical things to them little kids on here i know u wouldn’t understand. btw it was stage but em had no idea he would be wearing a jock strap, it wasnt funny at all,im not a eminem fan, but on the business side i hope mtv learn their lesson. bc they just lost a lot of people


  25. mtv desperate for ratings!!!



  26. Nick



  27. bass_man

    i lmfao when i saw that!!!


  28. Tre

    he liked it lol


  29. Nathan Porsche

    Bruno speaks german while flyin over ther crowd


  30. joeri_m3

    eminem is not stupit!!

    who say hi is stupit? man, hi is a self made milioneir. see, who the fuck is stupit??


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