New Music: Cassie – ‘Must Be Love (Remix)’

Cassie and Diddy

Busta Rhymes spits a few bars on the remix to Cassie’s “Must Be Love.” Throw in some vocals from Day26, a verse from Red Café, and ad-libs from Diddy, and you know Bad Boy’s behind this.

Cassie f/ Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Day26, and Red Café – “Must Be Love (Remix)”

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  1. Electrik Red- "P Is For Power" Next Single!!!!

    wow pure seduction and romantic!!


  2. Yani G

    Love this beat and as the person above says; absolutely sexy and seductive!


  3. bijan

    I love it, I’d rather hear this version on the radio


  4. DJ Triumph

    good song.


  5. DJ Triumph

    i like it a lot.


  6. Dillon_68

    I LOVE IT!

    Busta actually delivered on this one, it was like a throwback to “I Know What You Want”!


  7. AnTwaun

    YES!!! this just “WORK” it 10x better. its just something to groove to. diddy wasnt need to the original though LOL


  8. Cassiefan

    I’m soooo happy cassie is gettin the recognition she deserve!!!!I love this songg cassies beats are alwayss on point I hear top 40 single all over this song!!:-D


  9. Callup" must be love"on the radio

    Have you heard this some in Atlanta?!I haven’t heard this song nor “lovegame”,or “download”…please call up the radio for her!!!are yall gonna call up da radio for her?!
    I kno her song is #48 on the urban radio Witt 473 spins very close to the three songs that tied with 474 spins


  10. Iluvrihanna

    I luv da beat dj needa start playin this joint…oh ya atlanta airplays SUCK ASS!!!but I’m lovin da hispanic beat definately a top 40 hit aleast da hiphop/r&b charts but remember me&u took a long time to peak #3 so maybe you never kno I luv this song and why r u


  11. Omglikecassie is awesome

    Yall needa buy yall selve a few on iTunes


  12. Buy "must be love"

    how much ISA spin?!I’m lovin cassie


  13. sara

    im starting to love cassies voice. its seductive, and it really goes well with busta’s rhymes.

    Its kinda like mariah in a way.


  14. Dillon_68

    “how much ISA spin?!I’m lovin cassie”

    A spin is every time it is played on the radio



    This song grew on me incredibly from when i first heard it and it defiantely has that bad boy classic feel the beat goes well with cassies voice. This remix is tight!


  16. That Dude

    THIS IS HOT! now if only diddy can shut up on the track…idk why think he needs to add “his presents” on every track hope he they edit him out, like they should of in that “ima put it on her” track.


  17. Pinoy baby

    Casse my pinay sister always HOOT!!!!


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  19. sosiccwitswagga

    I love cassie and it is bought time she is gettin recognition and good responses instead of hate I mean I haven’t heard dis version I only heard the orginal but as much as I love the orginal imma love the remix I will mos def be coppin her album on itunes wen it comes out but im jus tired of diddy havin 2 be on every song sumtimes he gets on my nerves but I love cassie


  20. bass_man

    I thought Bad Boy invented the remix?! There’s always a hot summer remix from them, so I was expecting a different beat.

    But, I love this song..this should be so much more successful. This remix will increase urban airplay.

    The original beat is perfect, it attracted me from the beginning.. props to Mario W!


  21. love bee

    day 26 made this song 1000000 times better awwww luvzit becos of them


  22. keysha

    Hot, it’s a banger!!!!! you haven’t heard it in Atlanta because Atl radio is wack as hell. same thing day in day out.


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