HOT 97 Summer Jam 2009

Jay-Z and T-Pain

Jay-Z surprised the audience at HOT 97′s Summer Jam 2009 at Giants Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday by performing “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” with the Auto-Tune King himself, T-Pain, standing beside him.

Mary J. Blige, Young Jeezy, Drake, Jadakiss, Swizz Beatz, The-Dream, Christina Milian, Method Man, Redman, Asher Roth, Jeremih, Lil’ Kim, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes, and more below.

Photo credit: Johnny Nunez

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  1. Giselle

    Someone please tell me why Elephant Man was there? SMH, everyone looks decent though.


  2. keyjhad

    lil kim i luv u ma but to much make up cant be good,a lil bit scary,anyway i still ur fan number 1,till the end of time…….QUEEN BITCH 4LIFE


  3. QUeenBeeALLDaY

    Queen Bee allday……. love her!!


  4. TABU09

    everyone looks good glad to see mary on the stage it was funni to see t pain/jay z together to say jay dont like autotune tracy morgan must of got stuck at the table he is big ass hell. and lil kim……..girl i luv u im still a fan but mmmmm stop going to tha plastic surgeon


  5. DivaFresh

    omg it was crazyyyyyy sooooo many hip-hop lovers there.

    when drake came out everyone went bonkers and then right after jay came it out and everyone really went crazy.

    mjb was KILLER, she looked and sounded amazing and i love that she brought out method man.

    i was expecting t-pain set to be much better. hes on like 90% of the hip hiop records out right now and the best he could bring out was kim. it was a lot of fun but i was hoping for more surprises though… like wayne or kanye :/


  6. Jay

    Man that concert must’ve been hott! A lot of stars out there. Good to see Lil Kim back out there doin what she do.

    and Mary J album bout to be crazy can’t wait!

    Also is it me, or does Jeremih look just like Diddy! He look like a young Diddy for real! lol


  7. Jay

    …especially in the pic with the sunglasses ha look just like Mini Diddy

    and Christina look much better wit her hair like that!


  8. BP86

    ugh. Why does Mary J ALWAYS look like her Coochie stinks?! she’s always so OILY! DAMN! No, bitch! That is NOT just fine!


  9. Keshia

    Lil’ Kim looks so great. Fuck the haters. Love u Kim, hurry with the new album baby. Mary always looks oily because of the Plastic Surgeries, but she wont admit it. Kim dont give a fuck, she let you all know….Damn rite she got work done!!! Mary is a closet surgery whore.


  10. DJ Triumph

    sound fun.


  11. gee man

    Everyone looks like they had a great time.


  12. Mili-Lover...

    c.mili is gettin yall ready for that album…. she bout to shut all these hoes mouths up….*wink]teairra mari….lol


  13. Mili-Lover...

    oh and i forgot to add that her face was flawless w/o makeup!!! how many of them r&b “queens” can pull that off??

    ….still waiting


  14. Elvis Raymond

    why is Estelle looking so dirty. she is ugly


  15. sexiikiim09

    he need to stop hatin jay remind u dudes makin money off that joint but cant front be annoyin pain should be the only one to use it he made it hot besides that great show!!


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