LeToya Luckett Wakes Up in Vegas

LeToya Luckett

LeToya Luckett strips down…well, not quite, but she does hit the billion-dollar Red Rock Casino, Resort, & Spa, just off the Las Vegas Strip, for a sizzling fashion shoot in Rap-Up‘s Summer 2009 issue, on sale now.

The “She Ain’t Got…” singer spins the wheel on the roulette table, relaxes in the plush penthouse suite, basks in the red glow of the Cherry nightclub, and reclines poolside.

Here’s a peak at what’s inside the pages. Pick up the issue to see the rest of the photos from her sexy shoot.

LeToya Luckett

Photos by Gavin Thomas

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  1. yi ana

    what was the point in this shoot?


  2. classy

    looking good girl


  3. Deanne

    She looks like she’s trying to hard in the second picture, like a wanna be edgy-style and she just looks dumb. I like the first picture however, good look.


  4. DJ Triumph

    she look good. first pic was sexy and the second is nice.


  5. keke♥'su

    @ yi anna

    Your bitch ass is always on LeToya shit bitch, If you don’t like her then get your ragedy ass own.



  6. trillafood

    I love the second. She looks real young and no shes not trying to be “edgy”. You people need to think before saying dumb shit.


  7. tell'em

    The haters are out and about. She looks great haters go kick rocks.


  8. lol

    I love the second picture. The mini dress compliments her shape. LeToya is now confident with herself enough to show them sexy legs. Get’Em Toya!


  9. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    She looks great in the 1st pic & the 2nd pic omg Toya work that camera looking like a model thats been in the game for 10 years.


  10. Lol

    Its looks forced like whoever said that “edgy” thing but she looks totally natural in the first pic. I don’t understand, why people so offended when comments are obviously there to submit a thought. It just shows how unsuccessful an artist really is that another person (a fan) has to bash another just to prove their artist is worthy of awesomness, but Le Toya love ya regardless.


  11. suavevah castro

    That bitch popped yall should my woman on a magazine.


  12. suavevah castro

    That bitch popped yall should put my woman on a magazine.


  13. Rap-Up.com || Guess Who Reading Rap-Up

    [...] The R&B songstress brushed up on her reading while getting fitted for her Rap-Up shoot in Las Vegas. LeToya’s sophomore album Lady Love is available now. Get your copy [...]

  14. stalbans&jamaica

    I’d kiss her legs and feet daily for years


  15. ashurbanipal

    I’d kiss her entire body for years


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