Video: Jeremih – ‘Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)’

Jeremih pokes fun at himself in the comedic video for “Imma Star (Everywhere We Are),” the second single off his self-titled debut album. The clip was directed by Marc Klasfeld (Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child).

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  1. NYgurrrl

    wow! i like the vid ALOT lol…jeremih looks>>>GOOD!


  2. reny

    Jeremih is hot. This song is hot!!!


  3. Jay

    Man I did not expect that! I love it! That was funny as hell LOL!!!

    Why when I was little we had that same station wagon though lol

    and no that lady didn’t take a bite outta his sandwich LOL crazy!

    So glad he got creative with his video…this one is great!

    ha Couldn’t tell him nothin with his 1989 cell phone. Only it was all a dream :)


  4. Dillon_68

    This video is GENIUS and wayy funnier than the highly anticipated “Obsessed” video, which wasn’t good…

    Its funny how the whole dream is the opposite of how he really is living, its like he is poor but finds ways to live like a star anyways. Kinda inspirational. He looked scared when he woke up, lol!


  5. MeeksTopless

    That was a great. Very funny. And yes he looks real good.


  6. Deontae

    that was genius! I loved it!!!!


  7. Giselle

    I didn’t expect that either. its quite hilarious.


  8. sexiikiim09

    lol @ jeremih that was funny ass hell but this my song tho


  9. DonnaB

    Luv the vid…He really did think out side of the money, gurl, and ice box even though thats what the song is about…He gets +100 cool points….ANd this song is dat shyt…I thought I told you..IMMA STAR*


  10. DJ Triumph

    funny video.


  11. Honneyy

    He looks good and soooo cute love hs lips… thats all…hahaha..


  12. Shiesha Stokes

    I love this video, its real! And definitely funny, he trying to dance, but i’ll still dance with him, with his fine ass!!!


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