Confirmed: Jordin Sparks Replaces Ciara on Britney Tour

Jordin Sparks, Britney Spears, and Ciara

Jordin Sparks is stepping in for Ciara on the second leg of Britney Spears’ North American Circus tour.

In a press release on Spears’ official website, Jordin Sparks was announced as the new opening act. The release goes on to include previously announced opener Kristinia DeBarge, who will perform on all dates, while up-and-comers Girlicious and One Call will appear in select cities. Ciara is not mentioned.

“Britney’s show is incredible and for me to be a part of it is a great opportunity,” Sparks said in a statement.

Ciara previously spoke about hitting the road with Spears in North America after performing on several of the pop star’s U.K. dates over the summer. “I did a few days with her in the U.K. and that turned into us doing all these dates coming up, so I’m excited about it,” the “Love Sex Magic” singer told in July.

Both Jordin Sparks and Ciara are signed to Jive Records. Leg two of “The Circus Starring Britney Spears” kicks off August 20 in Hamilton, Ontario. Click here for tour dates.

UPDATE: A rep for Ciara has confirmed to that she is no longer on the tour. She may perform on a couple spot dates, but nothing has been announced at this time.

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  1. tell'em

    Not a good look on Ciara’s behalf… whats going on???


  2. cici takeover

    this is a great look she doesn’t need it. I am guessing they are about to give her a worldwide tour.


  3. cici takeover

    you should have mention that cici was getting better reviews like she has on rihanna, than the main act. she said she does opening for her fans, so i guess now her label decided to give her a ww tour.


  4. Carl

    Poor Ciara :(


  5. Real

    Be real folks we all know Ciara isn’t getting her own World Wide Tour. Sales of her album are a FLOP world wide and none of her singles have had any staying power. I wouldn’t be shocked if she gets club gigs but what we know a Official Tour is not happening anytime soon. I’m not hating so don’t be bitching about me doing so.


  6. Talisa J

    You’re a hating azz bitch. Please don’t play innocent, jack azz.


  7. Nick

    Ciara is so irrelevant nowadays…



  8. malcolm

    ciara getting a world tour?go take you medication please. ciara could not sell out my garage much less a world tour. how many time is she going to do the stupid matrix?


  9. Dave

    Jordin flopped too, so some of yall don’t play dumb. If she really wanted to, her album, and singles would’ve had staying power, but her label wants to act retarded with their artist now. Cause, let’s not forget Ciara got great reviews overseas for touring with Britney, and had “upstaged” Britney, let’s keep it cute.


  10. king

    i love u ciara


  11. buddyreal

    haters hav 2 much time on there hands commenting bout sum1 they dont care 4..but i love them!!

    ur showing how ignorant u r than actually dissin ciara


  12. Wow

    Ciara is a better performer than Britney and Jordin combined.

    That’s a fact!


  13. Antonio

    Uhhh Ciara really doesn’t need that tour because she getting her own world tour Fantasy Ride Tour. Ciara killed it in Uk once again the reason why Ciara Flopped Because about 90% of the songs were. Leak a year before the abulm came out and the rest has leak 2 months before album cam out. Ciara has sold more I. The uk fantasy ride went gold. Ciara is still one of the best singer she is doing alot of things in LA She has some bigggg news to tell us about her music be patient Ciara Is Coming Back With Some Hits


  14. BP86

    This is not good for Ciara. I’m think that Jive was thinking like this:

    - Ciara’s album has not sold well, even with the release of several singles, and while Jordin’s CD is ALSO not selling well, there may be a chance to save it considering it came out only a short while ago….so they put her in Ciara’s place and probably left Ciara high and dry. They should probably just kick out Kristina DeBarge and put Ciara in her place.. haha

    sucks for Ciara, she neeeeeeeeeeds this tour. touring with Britney gives an artist great exposure…


  15. D

    Obviously she pulled out for a bigger opp. One album sale doesn’t take away her ability to do her own show even if mid sized. Better than doing your own arena tour an can’t sell tickets just to say u r doing ur own tour

    plus there’s movies and tv that I’m sure would trump opening for Brit bless her heart. Like ci said ” big things poppin n lil thing stopping”. Sorry haters


  16. Sugar Rush

    Ciara aint getting no worldwide tour so just stop the damn madness her album was a failure everywhere, so why on gods green earth would they give her a worldwide tour?? her stans are always reaching..


  17. cici takeover

    well if some went on her fansites you would have known about the Fantasy Ride tour begin talked about. STOP with this her album flopped. That means nothing she has plenty of other awards and two other multiplatinum cds. Her album also suffered cause her fanbase is mostly young audience, and first two single choices not that great.


  18. nikehead

    actually to all yall that think shes not on the tour anymore cause of her album sales……..your wrong. She actually had to shoot her video for like a surgeon and she wouldnt have had time if she was still touring. Music videos take a lot of planning, concept wise and production wise so dont think she was kicked off the tour cause her album sales smh!


  19. Nikehead

    Idk what to say, why would they replace a flop with a even bigger flop?? IDK??


  20. louis!

    jordin is not as a big as a flop as ciara
    ciara is just pathetic .
    jordin has an amazing voice and her new cd even though its not selling well . its prettty damn good


  21. Nikehead

    Not selling well=flop
    Ciaras a flop with 80,000 1st week
    Jordan 41,000=half of Ciaras floptastic CD & the worst sale by a mainstream artist, FLOP.
    & who cares britneys a tease when it comes to a concert (lipsynchin master).


  22. Nicole

    Jordin’s CD might not be selling actually todate her CD has only sold 77,000 however; her Single “Battlefield” has sold 623,000 and that was last weeks figures. Jordin Sparks has 4 Top 10 Singles in a Row! So with Battlefield last week at 623,000 she has GOLD and on its way to Platinum like her last 3 Singles! So, even with her CD sales down, I would bet more on Jordin than Ciara!


  23. April

    @Nicole Actually Ciara Album Went Gold And Its on it way to Platinum ok in the UK. If You’ll Think About Ciara Got replace because she doing something impotant for her music in LA. Ciara Has Big Things coming are way. Ciara is better than jordan sparks jordan voice may be better(She HAd to go a show to become famouse) Ciara did it on her own


  24. All By Herself

    When you think about it, Ciara is an amazing person. She came in the industry when she was only 18 years old by herself. Beyonce had Destiny’s Child & her Father to help guide her career to where it is (Beyonce is amazng too so don’t get me twisted). Ciaras been on her own since she came into the music industry & has become very successful. & not one time had I seen her with a diva or bitchy attitude, she has not let the fame get to her, so why do people dislike her so? Ciara is amazing & is unlike every female because of that. Ciara has something a brewing & I can’t wait!
    P.s. I went to Britney’s concert because I knew it was the only way to see Ciara ever perform, so thanks for bringing Ciara here to the U of K! & how do we know she’s doing something? Well Ciara & Jordan Sparks are on the same label so why would we suspect something fishy? Ciara is amazing & will become just like MJ, as he was put down & became who he was, & so will Ciara!


  25. nikehead

    19th comment is not me i have an imposter lmfao its sad u wanna be me i kno!


  26. nikehead

    As well as #21…………i wonder who that could be !LOL! maybe??? I Kno u mad! I guess imma have to change my name and give u this one. Its ok u can have it!


  27. nikehead87

    So rap-up u kno its not me when u see “Nikehead” above the comment its a fake! im officially changing my blogging name. So from this comment on im no longer Nikehead since ppl wanna steal it hahahaaa. I find it quite amusing!


  28. POW

    You guys have NO idea whats going on.

    Ciara was gonna be on the tour to help FR’s sales. But, now Ciara and her label decided to work on a new album. Trust me, there are BIG THINGS in Ciara’s future. Ciara is working on a new project. Jordin FLOPPED harder than Ciara, Ciara is STILL very popluar and is known as a superstar, Jordin is just a AMERICAN IDOL.


  29. ultimateflofan

    bad luck. lmfao!


  30. Flop

    All you Ciara fans on here are basically the only fans she got and it shows in her poor album sales and poor single success. It doesn’t matter if she got better reviews than Britney because Britney has and still is selling out each venue. No thanks to Ciara being there. “Like a Surgeon” her current american single hasn’t gone anywhere and won’t even if a video is released. “Work” her current outside of the USA has had the same fate. Better get on it Ciara fans because her career is slowly declining and you all know that. She has no future in fashion, movies, TV and soon to be music. The next album she puts better have something good because we all know the possibility of being dropped or let out of her contract is HIGH!. Call me hater all you want folks but you know what I said is TRUE so deal with it.


  31. fresh

    come on

    if u went to this tour u kno u wood rather c ciara over any other artist “jive” is replacing her with

    forget album sales n haters

    no offence to jodin sparks o kristina chick but u kno u WOULD wanna c CIARA!!!


  32. fresh

    @ FLOP



  33. fresh






  34. tae

    the haters dnt even kno wats goin onlol she has a video shoot in atl on sep 1st n it’s not for like a surgeon they are speculating that it is a new track for a re release so sit back n watch the show ur laughing now but ciara will have the last laugh.lfmao!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait


  35. DJ Triumph

    man i wonder why.


  36. Haterz Plz

    Ciara is amazing & her performances are always spectactular. I’m a crazy Britney fan & I saw her & Ciara & I was amazed by Ciara. When she performed I couldn’t wait for Britney to perform because Ciara helped build the anticipation, she pumped me up & surprisingly, Britney’s performance was kind of a drag. She didn’t really sing(lipsynch yeah) & had the props not been there it would have failed. I don’t regret going though because Ciara became my a favorite singer from that point on. As for this, Americans, you missed out big time but Ciara is wouldn’t let this slide if something wasn’t going on, so haters hush hush or keep talking because without you, no artist would be who they are, so thanks!


  37. Taylor Payne

    DAMN! Im crying! i bought a 250 dollar ticket just to see Ciara and now she isnt going to be there! OMG! But i know its for a good reason cuz Ciara is far from irrelevant if she can make me a 17 year old boy cry!!!!


  38. An0thrDream

    ciara is still amazing

    she has some huge things comin up no doubt about that

    the label would NEVER replace a rising entertaining icon like ciara for a vocalist w/out a good reason

    ciara is so much more exciting and entertaining – exactly like britney spears – so ciara MUST be prepping for something HUGE!!!!


  39. An0thrDream

    ciara ‘ s amazing

    this is a set up for something HUGE

    opening for britney in the states is a BIG deal a REAL GOOD look – so something bigger must’ve came up

    we’ll see wut unfolds. im not too happy right now tho

    CiCi all day!


  40. Fico

    wat da!!!!! Im goin to the Aug 24th show at MSG….i was lo0kin foward of seeing Ciara live because i never saw here perform live! WTF NOW IM TIGHT!


  41. Grown

    Ok yall, if Ciara was such a flop, wouldn’t it make more sense to let Ciara perform with Britney to increase her sales or whatever?? That’s common sense! If you asked me, I’d say they took Ciara out because the opening act was alot more entertaining than the main act. Hell Ciara has been doing so many performances, the ten day tour with Jigga included, I think it’s best she chills for awhile. There is no way you can replace Jordan Sparks with Ciara and call it a smart move…Come on now!


  42. tell'em

    All you Ciara fans should’ve bought her album with her double digit sales. Crap already fell off the Billboard top 200 She is NOT getting a world tour, shes fading into oblivion. REAL TALK


  43. dan

    ciara and brit are a better couple for a tour together…

    both are entertainers…

    jordin is a singer

    so now you have jordin who oversings it and then comes brit with her lipsynching..doesn’t fit

    ciara and brit match really great, would be interesting how a song with both would sound, i mean ciara is like the black brit, just not that successfull these days…

    but i think that all the leaks are ground for her sales…

    but they had to release the album, if the waited too long, ciara would have been forgotten and would have flopped even bigger…cause fantasy ride is a great cd

    hopefully her next cd will do great


  44. An0thrDream

    Her next cd WILL be great – its unfortunate every fantasy ride song was liked months prior to the release date – it was messy. But she’s bouncing back.

    ciara is a solid artist. i know its weak but she’s sold over 175,000 albums n over 400,000 w.w. not that impressive but she stills has THAT many solid fans. she’s NOT fading into oblivion – fantasy ride was just a bumpy ride, but with AMAZING songs

    High price, Work, Like a Surgeon, Ciara to the Stage, Keep dancing, Im on, Lovers thing, echo. All great songs

    im tellin ya – sumthn HUGE is coming for her, because its REDICULOUS to place JORDIN SPARKS on a Britney Spears tour instead of CIARA

    it’s funny how ppl wanna knock u once ur down but as soon as you get up, theyre at ur feet.


  45. james

    @fresh – Flop is totally right and I agree with him 100%. How are we being haters when we are merely stating FACTS? Ciara’s cd flopped big time…that’s a fact, not an opinion. If it weren’t for Justin Timberlakes presence on LSM that single would have flopped too. Even if she continues releasing songs from this album they are all going to flop. The main problem with Ciara is that she has no recognizable image/personality and without one she is not going to have any longevity in the music business; she will become irrelevant and fade into oblivion which she is already doing at the moment.


  46. Jay

    I’m not sure what’s goin on with this!? yeah Britney and Ciara are both great performers so I wasn’t surprised when I heard they teamed up, but now I’m confused.

    Any way, I agree Fantasy Ride is still an amazing album and I know the next will be even better!!! Ciara’s a Go Girl and she never stops!!! Cici you the best girl!!!


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  49. Danceart84

    It could be album sales or it could be the fact that she upstaged Britney in all of the reviews. Not a good look to have someone on your tour putting out better performances…it’s the truth guys. They both a great dancers though and I have met Ciara and she is a cool chica


  50. Keeping It Real

    Why would a record company spend money on a flop cd for a worldwide tour….come on people, I know you’re Ciara stans but lets not get stupid. And as for upstaging Britney….I have not read one article stating that she was upstaged by Ciara. The major media didn’t even mention Ciara’s name on any of the tours. I know you guys need this to make yourself feel better about Ciara being dropped. If she was afraid of being upstaged, Jordan Sparks wouldn’t be on the tour because she has damn better vocals than Britney, Kristinia and Ciara all rolled into one. Get Real People.


  51. zee

    lol, britney doesnt need ciara on this tour, it was just so that more URBAN people would come thru, since so many blk ppl are scared to admit they listen to britney spears…LOL…oh maybe next time ciara..heheh


  52. Nique NYC

    They replaced Ciara with Jordan because Britney wants her teen fan base back what other easier way then to put the youngest idol on her tour , she gets her teen fans back which gave her massive income and popularity. The label probably decided tp go with the teeny bopper so Jive can get their money up again!


  53. 2nd that emotion

    I agree with that. I also think that Jive replaced Ciara because Jordans album bombed & they weren’t getting their money’s worth, so what other way to get album sales up then to hop on the years biggest grossing tour (sorry Sasha Fierceless). Ciara must be multitasking as well & the label thought she should focus on that more so that Jordan will get some exposure & album sales out. Britneys concert isn’t all that cracked up to be as well, its lame & she don’t even sing, go at your own risk & be prepared to be disappointed.


  54. DAVIDF



  55. Kyle

    I don’t think this is as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. Ciara dropped her album in May and Jordin’s album came out at the end of July so it would make sense that they would want to give Jordin more exposure at this point. I can see more of Britney’s younger fan base being more into Jordin more than Ciara because Jordin is PURE pop.


  56. danny

    Ciara getting her own tour and Brintey felt threaten by Ciara actually singing and dancing on set – thus led her being upstagged every night by SuperC LMAO!!!!


  57. kim

    you guys act like ciara isn’t a grammy winner multi-platinum selling artist and was a global star from first album.


  58. Mary Lodu

    Britney Spears
    doesnt look like herself here


  59. sweetiepie

    She has no fans, no fashion sense, weak vocals, low album sales, floppy singles, got replaced for the American Circus tour. lmao! her career is over with. Talk all you want because Ciara sucks.


  60. holly

    I hate Ciara. I’m glad she’s flopping.


  61. Flop

    Yo KIM that grammy you mentioned is all thanks to Missy Elliott for the feature she gave Ciara and as for multi-platinum, her first album is the only one to go multi-platinum and her second barely made platinum status not to mention that it did not sell well outside the U.S.. All of her top ten singles all have features. So that status of a global star your talking about it long gone.


  62. Kyle

    The past 3 comments were super negative. I happen to be a fan of Ciara so that already proves sweetiepie’s stupid post wrong. So how do some of you people define success anyway? Since “Fantasy Ride” underperformed people have been saying Ciara’s career is over, but who ISN’T selling less nowadays anyways. Check the numbers, albums just don’t sell. Jordin Sparks recently sold 45K in her first week, so I think it’s better for her to hop on Britney’s tour to promote her project.


  63. lolol

    I’m convinced all these “fans” defending Ciara is the same person. No one gives that much of a sh*t about Ciara anymore.lolololol

    World tour? Are you serious?!?! This chick ain’t Janet. Most of her fanbase has abandoned her. I feel sorry for anyone who invests in that tour and expects to see a return.


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