Guess Who Reading Rap-Up

Guess Who

Which singer was caught flipping through the pages of Rap-Up?

LeToya Luckett

It’s LeToya Luckett! The R&B songstress brushed up on her reading while getting fitted for her Rap-Up shoot in Las Vegas. LeToya’s sophomore album Lady Love is available now. Get your copy today!

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  1. Mr.Hilson

    i knew it


  2. Get "Lady Love" today

    I am so pleasantly surprised. This album is a BIG step up from the debut. The debut was good, but this is Great! I love it! Support LeToya! She is doing it big!Damn, I just bought the album and I am on like track 6 and it’s just great!



    I knew it. The hair gave it away. Her “Lady Love” album is even better than the first! Everyone go buy her album today!


  4. dee

    my girl letoya!!!!!



  5. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    Hey get it Toya. The new Lady Love album is amazing so glad we got a 2nd album.


  6. Jay

    Knew it was Toya


  7. MACH

    lol.. these pics must be old.. because she u-streamed last night with the fresh bob cut and minx nails (which it seems like she gets done every week lately)


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