Christina Milian & The-Dream Expecting Baby

Christina Milian and The-Dream

Christina Milian is going half on a baby. The “Dip It Low” singer and her husband The-Dream are expecting their first child together.

Milian’s pregnancy was confirmed by on Friday.

The Bring It On star, 27, and “Umbrella” songwriter, 27, wed at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on September 4 after announcing their engagement two months ago.

“The pregnancy was a surprise, but they were getting married regardless,” a source tells the website.

The-Dream has a 4-year-old daughter with his ex-wife, R&B singer Nivea.

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  1. 100% Nikehead

    I knew it lol. Looks like her album is gonna have to wait to be released.


  2. RICH

    So I take it, she’ll have to postpone her album “Elope.” If not, she definitely won’t be able to release any hot videos for the time being. Maybe she should change the title to “Sperminated.”


  3. Giselle

    We already knew. Well, I already knew. Congrats…


  4. Bhe

    Giselle how did you already know? Did she call you personally and say “Hey girl, I am pregnant!” Or was it the super fast elopement in Vegas that preceded this exciting(the-dream looks terrified) news by 2 days. I just wanna know.


  5. keyjhad

    no wayyyyyyyyyy ,ahhhhhhh thats why they did married so quick, good job guys,blessed b


  6. amaroth

    poor nivea. i miss her.
    she should come back


  7. Jay2009

    ow so cute !


  8. emran

    Wow, so sudden. Congratz anways ^^


  9. sasseemommee

    Wow 4 kids @ 27. Guess the Dream is trying 2 have his own Dream Team! (He has 3 kids with Nivea!)


  10. Giselle

    “Bhe” if you have noticed she has been photoed walking around with a bulge around her stomach area. It isn’t rocket science to figure out or know when someone is pregnant.


  11. BP86

    that is the ONLY reason that ho married that chunky teddy bear (besides the fact that she’s set for life and he will help her with her music career), is because she got pregnant. I hate her sometimes.Gold digger!


  12. SwaggerAreUs

    Why do people always think negatively on the lives of celebrities…just because your life is in turmoil and you can only take out on those who you desire to be like. *coughs* (BP86)… it really is a shame. Go YouTube search: S.Y.M. – So You Mad

    Congrats. C. Mili. and Dream. I’m glad to see that y’all not slowing love down for the media. That’s dope. Y’all just living life. Get it in Dream she too good to let go.


  13. DJ Triumph

    congrat to her.


  14. Catie

    I’m kind of shocked even though i knew this was coming. I’m happy for them but everything is so rushed, they should have given their relationship time.


  15. Vha

    the dream looks more pregnant than she should be . a bit shocked but ey . guess this means we wont hear Zipper :(


  16. BP86

    @Swaggerareus, my life is not in turmoil. I am a college student at the moment living my life in a very nice way. That being said, I AM entitled to my own opinion, and just because it does not match yours does not mean my life is in shambles. ** you’re a mess.


  17. Lil' Nello

    Congrats to her but still don’t understand how The-Dream managed to pull her smh!


  18. George P.

    Congrats to the two of them. I’ve been an avid fan of Christina’s and it’s been such a shock to see the changes she’s done throughout the year. While I’d love to be completely happy for her, I agree with someone’s post earlier saying that everything (the dating, engagment, wedding, pregnancy) feels so rushed.

    While some rushed weddings do last, there are those that fail. Then again, there’s those marriages that last a long time only to fall apart in the end (Whitney & Bobby).

    Does this mean that UC Irvine concert the-Dream & Christina are doing is gonna be cancelled soon?


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