Video: Whitney Houston – ‘Million Dollar Bill’

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is looking like a million bucks in the high-priced video for “Million Dollar Bill” off her new album I Look to You. The clip was directed by Melina, known for her work with Beyoncé and Ciara.

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  1. ron.e

    wow, she looks a-mazing!


  2. Sugar Rush

    Is this woman really 46?? i dont believe it…lol


  3. Phil

    Yesss just yesss yessss yessss!!! She is workin them hips like it’s nobody’s business! MDB is the TRUTH!


  4. bass_man

    legend status.


  5. agreed

    myyyy jaaaaaaam!!!!! love it.


  6. jaime

    werk it ms. whitney- u know u are official diva status- the original ! Gosh, she looks incredible- love her- love the song- have to watch again


  7. Omon Imo

    And she is Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! Its official…move young ‘uns, Whitney Houston is back..


  8. dr



  9. dr

    who is her stylist or does she dress herself nowadays cause she is the flyest 46 year old hair is on point thesed ays damn girl….im so happy 4 her


  10. Giselle

    Go Whitney!


  11. alsc

    WWOOWW!! Showing them all that you don’t need to be almost unweared to look incredible!!!!


  12. kaya

    Whitney looks so beautiful in this video and song is on fire!!


  13. @dr

    i wanted to ask the same thing!

    she looks so great, always sexy and fresh but still appropriate for her age!

    she has not to throw her cunt into the camera…take notes madonna…


  14. mal

    she is back and classy as ever!


  15. McG

    the massive nokia commercial totally ruined this for me :(


  16. i love ciara

    can’t hold a good woman down


  17. Dominicano

    love it!! bitch is back!!!


  18. StreetLuv



  19. Jamaican

    Amazingly beautiful and sexy, let me touch that body. The diva original is bbbaaaaaaaaaack


  20. Jamaican

    Super super talented nuff love and respect to Ms. Houston. This is truly a beautiful song and video. The reggae island and sprint capital of the world Jamaica, loves you dearly. One love sister.


  21. Catie

    Whitney looks gorgeous! I love the video.


  22. Andre' King

    I have always loved you Whitney….You go girl!!


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