Video: Gaga x West ‘Fame Kills’ Promo

As if we need another reason to catch this tour. Lady Gaga and Kanye West have released a provocative promo (via Kanye’s blog) for their upcoming “Fame Kills” tour under the headline, “What Happened to All the Rock Stars? The Fame Killed Them!” And yes, that is Lady Gaga topless, her rep confirms. But is that Kanye under her?

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  1. Ashlyn Bethel

    Lady Gaga needs to watch out and not let Kanye ruin her career. He has a tendency of saying things seems to get him into trouble


  2. hautmess

    i hope lady ga ga is playing first so i can leave after.


  3. Mina

    damn. not a good move for Gaga.. i like her less now.
    she doesn’t need this fool. this douche needs more then her to help him. he should go on tour with chris brown.


  4. Carlitos

    Keep in mind that this tour was planned before Kan made his abnoxious comment. Everything was pretty set in stone already I bet (relating to the tour).


  5. Harvey

    I don’t get it. A little weird but ok, whatever.

    On another note, it’s pretty obvious that GaGa will perform her set first then Kanye will follow. He’s the bigger name. No shade, I love GaGa.


  6. hautmess

    yeah i was assuming so.. but just because kanye came to the scene first dosen’t make him better then ga ga when it comes to reaching a massive pop audience. ga ga already has 3 number 1st right off her first album so thats worth some respect. i’ll be leaving after ga ga


  7. hautmess

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i just found out….

    @hautmess she is headlining! The Fame Kills tour will have no opening acts it will be a 50/50 effort! she’s moved past the opening stages,.. guess i’ll miss this show… i’ll never cheer for kanye


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