New Music: Brandy f/ Ne-Yo – ‘Goodnight, Good Morning’

Brandy and Ne-Yo

Brandy goes to bed and wakes up next to Ne-Yo on “Goodnight, Good Morning,” another leaked collaboration between the two from the recording sessions for Brandy’s sixth studio album. The R&B singer has yet to announce a new label deal since parting ways with Epic Records.

Brandy f/ Ne-Yo – “Goodnight, Good Morning”

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  1. Hiiiyah

    Loving the intro but this is not what the album will sound like…expect a lot of timbaland.


  2. dr

    im listenin to it more n i like it more
    has a dance techno kinda feel to it
    idk if the album is gonna be techno but we’ll stay tuned……


  3. Fresh Prince

    They should keep the LYRICS and re-make the production…to make it sound more mainstream cuz this could be a hit but just change the beat up!

    Loves Brandy….but this “beat isn’t crazy”


  4. Don

    I’m sure that it was said this was leaked before it was master engineered. This is in the same vein as “Closer”, and that was a hit.


  5. ugh

    could be a great song, just take off the snare and add more synths. that snare ruins the tempo of the song. i hope brandy+james fauntleroy+timbaland work together on her new album because they make AMAZING music.


  6. Victoria lewis

    I love this lol


  7. kayla

    brandy is sitll on epic im pretty sure and this song is a club banger she is not playin with this next album!


  8. MACH

    no, if you check epic’s roster she is not on there anymore.. But she IS signed.. expect an announcement one of these days.


  9. Jerome Sanderson

    this is on the tracklisting for Alexandra Burkes new album, so i doubt its for Brandy!


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