Mariah Carey Enlists Trey Songz for Remix Album

Mariah Carey and Trey Songz

Fans who picked up Mariah Carey’s latest Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel most likely noticed the absence of features, but the singer is about to make up for it. Tricky Stewart and Trey Songz spill details exclusively to on Carey’s top-secret remix album.

Information is slowly emerging about the project, which will include remixes to every song on Memoirs. “There’s gonna be remixes to everything,” says Tricky. “I’m actually doing some remixing myself currently ’cause some of these records were so much fun to make. It’s easy to go in and do a remix.”

The mega-producer already has something in mind for the diva’s Foreigner cover. “I’m gonna do a remix to ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ myself. I’mma raise the tempo up. I’mma try to make it into something else.”

He may even add a guest to it. “Once I get the beat and if it calls for the right person, I can get anybody on the phone I want to right now, so I will be using my Rolodex for that.”

One of the featured artists on the new project will be Trey Songz, who exclusively discloses to that he recorded a remix to one of Memoirs’ cuts last month. “Mariah Carey, I believe she’s doing a remix album and I’m on a record entitled ‘Inseparable,’” he shares.

Trey put everything aside once he got the call. “I actually only had a day to do it. I did it on my day off. [They were] very professional, very adamant on wanting to get it done. They made sure we had all we needed. I just went in and got it done.”

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  1. Enbie

    OMG!!! This is great news, love Mariah!!!


  2. JO-J0

    coool! =]


  3. kykilicious

    I hope she re-records her vocals for all the remixes!!!


  4. Carl

    Trey is hitting it big with all the big names.


  5. M II C H A E L

    OMG can’t wait!! The album is perfect but it’d be nice to have it redone in a more up-beat!! I’m really happy with what I just read!!!


  6. david



  7. GeeMan

    Can”t wait 2 hear it.


  8. joe

    OMG!!!! AMAZING NEWS!!!!!! she’s #1!!!!! she’s always ahead of everyone!!!! ICON!!!! love you mimi!


  9. bkdude14

    WoW!! this news just made my day!


  10. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    i think its a waste of time to be releasing a new album so soon , but anyway Betcha Gon Know is ma fav. joint, i’m wonderin who wld sound good on the remix …


  11. emil

    Giselle will be here soon


  12. Yan

    The is gonna be amazing. R.Kelly will be on it too, he said on his twitter


  13. Curvaceous

    Dumb move. This is more to promote Trey’s whack ass than to help Mariah. IDJ screwing up one of the few highlights of Memoirs and making themselves look desperate. The CD been out a week, they saying they didnt get it right the first time Who’s supposed to buy this mess, the die hard fans who went out and bought the original? What a waste IDJ and rude to Mariah fans. Real dumb move people.


  14. MACH

    Mariah always kills remixes!


  15. Maik



  16. Cassie11

    Will c


  17. Dillon_68

    Trey on Inseperable? SINGLE PLEASE!


  18. Tequilla Turner

    well first of all i wanna say to Curvaceous trey is not wack an doint need no help hes doin very very well also wanna say mariah do yo thang girl i think a remix is great


  19. Johnny BH

    I wonder how they’re going to treat this, like a side project or a new album, or a re-release? Lord knows the album needs help.


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  21. vmars08

    Jermaine Dupri mentioned at the beginning of a recent Living The Life video featuring Dondria in the studio that he was producing a Mariah remix that featured Big Boi. Wonder what song?!


    master Reply:

    @vmars08, mariah remix that featuring big boi is hate you. it’s the best work mariah never ever done as a fan i was shocked .


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  25. hellosinjin

    Can’t wait to hear them, especially the unreleased tracks from Timbaland and that song “100%”.


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  27. Jamaican

    All crap, I guess she is trying to make up some sales because this one is off to a slow start. Why would you want to release another album and the current is just out in days. She is wasting money and time. Release some remix singles, fool.


  28. Jamaican

    Just be cool about it, the album isn’t that good a remix album is a clear indication at grabbing at straw.


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  30. Manoj Sharma

    very nice


  31. ChrisMC77

    Its gonna be hot with guest such as R.Kelly, Beyonce, Jodeci, Lil’ Wayne, Alicia Keys, Trey Songz, Bone Thugs And MORE!!!!! HOT>>>>>


  32. Kevin

    IDJ [SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE IDJ!!] has to release a collaboration w/ a really really popular artist (beyonce, lil wayne, alicia keys) if she wants to get it to #1. neyo’s a pretty good choice (for angels cry), but I think Beyonce would have been better. No one has heard of Nicki Manij sp? who she collaborated with her on “up out my face,” I really don’t get why that would be a single.

    i hate to say it as much as any other lamb, but Mimi needs a popular name to get her back on top, memoirs is not doing well.


  33. stevvyKL

    Basically, just a cover up to save her career and Memoirs with remix album?

    We aint buyin it! :(


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