Kelly Rowland Close to New Record Deal, Readies Third Album

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has been in and out of the studio prepping her first album since parting ways with Columbia Records and Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment earlier this year. One of today’s most sought-after hitmakers, Rico Love, spoke to about his involvement with the Destiny’s Child alum’s third solo album.

“I’m actually going to be doing the majority of her record,” reveals the songwriter behind Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams” and Mario’s “Thinkin’ About You.” “I did three records for her album so far and she’s touring right now.”

The host of Bravo’s “The Fashion Show” won’t have much downtime during her holiday vacation as there are plans to complete the follow-up to 2007′s Ms. Kelly by January. “I believe we’re going to finish the album over the Christmas break,” says Love, whose latest work includes Leighton Meester’s first single “Somebody to Love” featuring Robin Thicke.

Rowland is reportedly close to finalizing a new deal with EMI Music, home to David Guetta, LeToya Luckett, and Snoop Dogg, but an official announcement has yet to be made. “I believe she’s doing her deal right now. She’s in the process of closing a pretty big deal. I don’t think she’s going to say yet. She’s got the No. 1 song in the world with David Guetta, ‘When Love Takes Over.’”

Her latest gig comes in the form of playing 50 Cent’s love interest in the video for “Baby by Me” off the rapper’s new album Before I Self Destruct.

–Reporting by Monique Balcarran

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  1. TrinaRaye


    I am so geeked to hear this album.I’ve been hlding on to songs like Unity,and blaze, brken for to long .infact in celebration of her new album I’mma bang all of my favorite songs form her all day..

    I love her and I missed her it’s been two years it’s well over due,hopefully she turns into a work aholic and overdose me with music albums performances and video’s I hope she release the way you love me off davids albums and then put out her album so she can just be everywhere.

    I’m glad she’s close to closing a deal.I hope every thing works out great for her in 2010


  2. lyric_lee

    ommmggggg im about to die – ive been on kelly overload for the past few weeks and after ssing her loop live videos im and her mtv latin performance and im so ready to see what her albums is gonna be like – all of the girsl have released great dance albums and now its ms kelly’s turn – already and shes an international star on the rize anyway so i know this lan that she is taking will appeal to the broadest range of people similar to how simply deep did but on a larger scale – ms kelly was an excellent album which i love till this day but strict rnb limits your pool of interest so im glad she is taking the limitors off of her music – ladies and gentleman – kelly’s baccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!


  3. lyric_lee

    omg im so fukkin excited – u see what grat work rico love does with dance ” ala michelles unexpected and of course beyonce’s “sweet dreams”. its so damn wired to me but i new that kelly was going to get to this point – all of the girsl have release dance/ uptempo albums with michells last record and beyonce’s bday so im glad we are going to get kellys take on it!!!! can hardly wait


  4. me again

    I think she is still gonna flop.. even though u get a record deal u still need the fans to buy ur record.. Good job for kelly getting a new start but dhe needs to reall sell it in order to show she is her 2 stay


  5. aj

    why r there haters everywhere i go to read a kelly section if u dont like her why comment. u r obviously upseet you cant get a deal. lol! anyway back to kelly. This is greattt!!! You will succeed we aint gone stop.. get it girl. lol!lyric u are my everywhere kelly fan buddy. lol! u were on thatgrape too. lol!


  6. lyric_lee

    well with ppl like u who are countin her out already – u can see why. she has alrway been and international start and in this day and age selling alotta reocrds is irrelevant – beyonce is only at 5 million records with 8 singles and a mega successful tour – lady gaga is only at 4 with 5 singles – britney is arounf 4 million wit 4 singles – pink is at 5 with 5 singles so the age of selling millions of records is over – the key is to tour – thats is where all the money is – so as long as kelly is uber promoted and has a succesful world tour – weather she hits double or triple platinum is kinda irrevelant – of course she is going to sell tho but u get the point


  7. Carl

    Sorry.. Did I just read she will be on the same label as LeToya, who’s album certifications went from platinum to plastic?


  8. lyric_lee



  9. hellyehss

    I LOVE KELLY!!!!
    SHE’S SO LOVELY!!!!!!


  10. Jay2009

    Woaw that’s cool, that means no DC album anytime soon so Beyonce will be working on her fourth album yay !


  11. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    Good luck wifey .. can’t wait for Ms. Kellys comeback …..


  12. Trishsharr

    Don’t down letoya she’s a great singer I like her,
    as for KElly she’s not going to flop if she makes great music and and if she does flop who cares music shouldn’t be based around sales any damn way it’s about the quality I can name countless of shitty albums that sold a lot.what about the re-play factor Ms.Kelly was a great record I can still play that album and replay some songs off that album at this very second that’s all that should matter not if she’s successful but if she brings it musically fuck success without talent I just want her to make great music that’s it she can be slept on her whole career I really don’t care as long as she keeps making great music that all that matters!


  13. loso

    I can’t wait for this international superstar to release her 3rd album I know this is going to be a banger and Kelly is a much bigger star then letoya so please stop comparing them. Thank you.


  14. Dave

    Can’t fuckin wait. Suck donkey dick haters. Ok, some of her stuff didn’t do well. She still sold millions. Anything a million of whatever is NOT a flop. It just may not be on the level of others, or reached the potential of what is should’ve been, and that ain’t all her fault. I love Kelly, she’s really improved on her vocals, she’s got her confidence uped, and she’d doing big thangs. I’m glad for her, and that she’s never giving up. This is her passion, career, and life, and she takes it Seriously. GO head Kelly!


  15. g

    STFU Carl… u PEST!


  16. SwaggerAreUs

    Kelly needs to bring it out this year for real cause I just seen her 20min concert on WSHH the other day and she did kill. I actually like the “When Love Takes Over” song with David Guetta. Her voice was great for that song, but Kelly has had some of the best solo tracks on the previous Destiny’s Child albums so I’m not understanding why her career isn’t as successful as it should be.

    I’m rooting for ‘Ms. Kelly’. :D


  17. Giselle

    Kelly has talent, and now that she’s free from the Knowles clan, I hope she truly shines. She has the voice and looks. Good luck to her.


  18. JD

    Uhhhh sorry to say but Kelly is NOT a bigger star than LeToya! Maybe when Destiny’s Child was together but Kelly last albuma and LeToya’s first came out around the same time and “Torn” was bigger than “Like This” and Letoya sold more! Even now with LeToya’s new cd she didn’t open strong but her current single is damn near Top 5 on Urban radio with NO VIDEO OR PROMO! I love Kelly to death but to say she will sign here and do better because she is bigger is invalid because she isn’t and hasn’t been relevant for YEARS now. Shes going to need promo like LeToya did. LeToya just had to prove herself to Capitol by making “Regret” a hit and NOW she has a video and stuff on the way. Dunno if Kelly is use to doing this without somebody working the background for her. :/


  19. cp2006

    knew something was about to get announced, her website has had a revamp


  20. Conjure

    Um…MISTAKE. She should never sign with this label…Has she seen the trouble all these other artist are going through?
    We see how they’re doing LeToya…And she’s better than Kelly so it’s like what’s going to happen to her.


  21. lyric_lee

    conjure and jd yall got to be crazy as hell to actually think that letoya is better can kelly – letoya is not even liked outside of the us – no tours a platinum plaque based of shipemnts and not actual sales no performances on any major aware show NO AWARDS PERIOD and no solo grammy – denial denial denail. its so funny!!!!


  22. kd

    Kelly is wayyyy bigger than Letoya,…for those who say Letoya is more successful most dont know what kelly has done,….Kelly is the 2nd most successful singer out of destinys child,…and Kelly is gonna do better than Letoya,u can tell already because kelly is every where right now its crazy, plus she nominated for a world music award,..and a european award,(same categorie as beyonce).letoya’s abulm flopped because of that wack first single “not anymore”…maybe regret will put her on the map,..cause thats a hot song.


  23. || 50 Cent Is a ‘Dead Man Running’

    [...] Kelly Rowland is not the only one getting love from 50 Cent. British R&B singer Jamelia got close to the rapper at the premiere of Dead Man Running in London on Thursday (Oct. 22). 50 plays a ruthless loan shark in the crime thriller, opening October 30 in the U.K. Watch the trailer below. [...]

  24. Sean

    Kels is bout to make chicks run for cover


  25. Dawn Breaker

    Carl why do you hit up every blog (From Toya’s to TheProphet’s) with negativity?

    Kelly on the same label with Letoya? YES! My two favorite female artists on one label. I hope they do a collaboration with each other (they seriously can’t avoid each other) Brough Letoya’s “Lady Love”, best R&B since Brandy’d.

    I stopped being a Beyonce fan when I saw how Kelly’s album was not being handles right and been supporting Kelly since ’07! Go Kelly! Love you!


  26. Princess

    I’m so excited for Kelly. She is doing great things right now. She has a worldwide hit out right now, she has been touring like crazy, and she looks very happy. I have bought all of her cds (even the the international one) because I am a huge fan. I love that she is not limiting herself just to R&B. I love “when love takes over” The U.S. has been sleeping on Kelly. Kelly has had major success internationally. Both of her cds has went platinum internationally. Ms. Kelly was her best cd so far. Hopefully her next cd will be even better. Kelly you are so great and I cannot wait for your next cd to come out. Good luck!


  27. Carree

    kelly rowland cant flop she’s super talented!!! if people stop trying to keep certain people on pedestal and allow other talent to do them well have more variety. KELLY KNOCK DESE HATERS OUT PLEASE


  28. Sietta.loves

    Yassss Kelly Rowland is about to snatch Ciara, Monica, Rihanna, and Beyonce’s wig off. Them non-talented broads can’t touch Queen Kelly she has the hottest producer on EARTH(David Guetta) on her album. Theres nothing Tricky nor Timbaland can produce will be hotter than what David gives her. DEAL. And yeah Ciara please stop coming on blogs hating just because nobody is thinking about your future flop. Heres a thought Ciara, go back to Atlanta and inroll in Clark-Atlanta or another college because your career is OVER!


  29. Aysha

    It’s time for the world to hear UNITY … love this song ! Hope it’s on the new album and is considered for a future single – with a video, promotional support etc. Can’t wait for Ms.Kelly to perform this one live !!


  30. Sietta.loves

    LOL @ Rap-Up deleting my comment. Whatever its the truth. Ciara has no talent and it baffles me that you think she is the hottest sing in the world when its clearly Beyonce. Anyway Go Kelly. . ..and this is Sietta(1 of Beyonce’s dancer)


  31. kis

    Sietta who the fuck cares about Ciara? We are discussing one of the hottest performers and singers KELLY ROWLAND! She needs to be the main focus in your comment and should not be putted in the “anyway” section.


  32. atom abdalla

    i hop i can make one song with kelly rowland and i hop i get lucky like her.


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