Video: Amerie f/ Fabolous – ‘More Than Love’

Amerie and Fabolous

Amerie’s relationship is put to the test in the TAJ-directed video for “More Than Love” featuring John Jackson aka Fabolous. A thinks her man is cheating, but wait till you see what he’s really been up to.

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  1. yo!rill

    Love it!!keeping working it A


  2. fi

    i love you so much

    your style is the flyiest since Teedra Moses
    No need to look like a tranny to win my heart and attention!
    No leotards, lookin’ fly in yo fur and damn this hair….
    Your sound is true
    and you keep getting better with each album!

    I’m so happy she released this song!
    No matter what america likes or buys…
    I’m in “team A” since day ONE!
    Way underrated, under-exposed and under-appericiated!
    You go girl!


  3. Danielit0

    omfg imMa Luv!n Thz AmEr!e Vide0 W!t Fab. And I lUv aLl HeR s0nGz 0n Da AlBuM. iMma DigG!n Da Ho0d LuV sTrEet VeRs!0n HoLLa


  4. i.d

    This is only a promo single.
    She did GREAT, simple, clean, and classy at the same time.
    Straight to the damn point.
    I loved the ending & Amerie & Fab had chemistry


  5. 100% Nikehead

    This is one of her best videos creatively. The concept is so well put together and goes exactly with the song. Amerie is too talented, her music is just too good, Def Jam made a huge mistake not promoting her album correctly. She had by far the best r&b album of 2009. Amerie continue to make good music, it will pay off. Im praying that this song does well on the charts!


  6. Vinicius Fragozo Fernandes



  7. jessicarabbitszs

    OMG thank you Rap-Up. When can I buy it on iTunes?


  8. Jay

    Great song and Amazing concept!!!
    Might be her best video yet!!
    The video is just perfect!!!
    And Amerie is a real beautiful girl!!
    She has definitely got a style all her own and I love it!


  9. Kyle

    I love Amerie and I’m glad she went along and filmed a video for this song cause it’s one of the best on the album IMO. She looked great too of course.


  10. AAA

    i love this video , and they would make a good couple


  11. Giselle

    Aww cute video. I love it.


  12. morethanLOVE



  13. Dave

    Love Amerie. Such a talent, such a beauty. THe song & video are very good. She put out one of the best R&B/Soul/Hip Hop/Rock albums of 2009 & people wanted to sleep on her. So don’t say I wish somebody bring some real music or that old school R&B & somebody do the shit & you don’t support it. Keep grindin AMe. U a bad ass Woman! Can not be duplicated or recycled.


  14. LaMont

    Great video! It goes really good with the song.


  15. AJ

    LOve the vid and the lil rooftop/ argument part!!


  16. YES!

    dope video.
    it’s so cute seeing amerie act like a bitch.
    the song is just great. that beat is contagious.


  17. touche

    damn! miss amerie keeps bringing us bangers and dope videos but she keeps getting ignored. why? she’s sooo damn talented and underrated it’s a shame. if you don’t have her new album, go buy it now!!! it’s a straight banger from beginning to end. my favorite part of the video are the scenes of her in NYC. she looks hot.


  18. || Video: Amerie f/ Fabolous – ‘More Than Love’…

    Amerie’s relationship is put to the test in the TAJ-directed video for “More Than Love” featuring John… Jackson aka Fabolous. A thinks her man is cheating, but wait till you see what he’s really been up to….

  19. cubevision



  20. willoh

    aaaaah! dope video. amerie keep showing the world what you got!





  22. Awe

    Can someone please tell me what sneakers is Amerie wearing? :))))))


  23. fenty

    I actually like this video…her vocals, the beat and fab are all good in this. She should sing more songs like this and not that pots and pans shyt.


  24. Catie

    I really liked this video. It’s weird because you would think with all of these great songs and videos that she’s been making that she would be the #1 female in the game. It’s really unfortunate that Def Jam doesn’t promote their real talent.


  25. Panihaaa

    Nice song feeling the energy!!
    Amerie is so good and love Fab.



  26. mal

    love thesong and video!

    and whatever! that car was just something to keep her sweet as he continues to play his games loool



    luv the video…it was great and luved fab too…
    the song was alright…maybe it will grow on it but this was great video soo much better than what alot of other females are bringing out…


  28. Maya What

    Love Amerie and her style it’s a shame more people are not on board with her.


  29. ebiny

    i think they go out love it


  30. AMERIE




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