Keri Hilson

Video: Keri Hilson Talks Grammy Odds + Acoustic Performance

Keri Hilson speaks to about her two Grammy nominations and performs an acoustic rendition of her hit “Knock You Down.”

“It would be an absolute dream come true, but I don’t expect a win,” Miss Keri says of her nods. Which category would she like to win most, Best New Artist or Best Rap/Sung Collaboration? “I’ll take either one.”

Plus, she cites Lauryn Hill, Ryan Leslie, and Robin Thicke as artists she would like to collaborate with on her next album.

Source: You Heard That New

  • shelly-chelle

    that’s all she is is collabos! when is she gonna stand on her own?

    • will

      @shelly-chelle, Her second album isnt gonna be full of collaborations, she mentioned that in a previous interview. She had cited people she would like to work with in the future, now is that a problem for you? Shes in the industry and she aint goin leaving anytime soon so get used to it.

    • javonscott

      @shelly-chelle, does it really matter the girl is doing her thing. Yu commented just to leave hate, you must really care about Keri; & yu know damn well yu was singing “Knock You Down” in the car!

      • will

        @javonscott, lol and notice the beyonce icon smdh. like ive said before these beyonce stans are arrogant hoodrats that have a day job of hating with an hourly rate of $0.00 . Like Keri Hilson said, “GET YOUR MONEY UP”!

      • shelly-chelle

        @javonscott, no the song was f*ckin annoyin! I’m just stating facts

        • Will

          @shelly-chelle, the songs not annoying your annoying. Now go #GETYOURMONEYUP

          • shelly-chelle

            @Will, look boy don’t start lol. I already got mines but let me ask #WHEREYABOSSAT?

  • bass_man

    I love that acoustic “Knock You Down” version ALOT

    Congratulations on her Grammy nominations!


    People crack me up always talking shit. Bottom line is Keri is doing all she can hince the Videos Cameos Etc…Don’t be mad…

    And as far as her being a Collab Artist I really don’t think that is true either cause her Single “Turnin’ Me On” was a HIT because of her. I recall many songs Lil Wayne was on that doing do nothing and go no where. Energy was a Top 20 Hit. “Return The Favor” was number 1 over seas. “Knock You Down” was a smash and to me it was a smash because of KERI. Ne-Yo songs never do good and Kanye’s 808 and Heart Breaks Singles didn’t do good at all either.”I Like” Has been number 1 in Germany for a while now so haters please.

    If that was the case KERI would be on the same list as: Amerie, Letoya Luckette, Solange, And all those other nameless chicks. BUT SHE ISN’T.

    But to keep it real…If Keri is a collab Artist so is Beyonce’ cause if you think DC# was a group your crazy….Look at the name DESTINY’S CHILD not children CHILD meaning one……..And it HELPED DO WHAT PEOPLE? THATS RIGHT IT HELPED LAUNCH BEYONCE’S CAREER ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! :)

    • Bibi


  • Lauren

    nothing wrong with working with a lot of people. she’s in demand. stay mad :)

  • Jeremy

    i know it is nothing wrong with her colla with people she is trying 2 put her name out dere ciara and other use alot of collaabrations so i dont get it she making her money i think she should just go over 2 pop music she would do much better over dere

  • Carl

    Umm excuse me ‘JEREMY’ by her second album Ciara had 2 singles that peaked in the top 20 at poisitions 11 and 19 which shows she CAN do it. Lets see if Keri can do that on her sophmore album!

  • Mhd

    Keri rockss…whats wrong if she colla with other artists? also she has the ability to do it on her own

  • ilovecici

    What does ciara name have to do with keri hilson . ciara didn’t have a whole bunch of collaborations and what is the mater with working with other artists isn’t that what fans want

  • crls_dvs

    I just wanted to say as a proud Beyonce stan (lol) that this was a great performance by Miss Hilson and she should be applauded! Also just wanted to say that just because you like one artist doesn’t mean you can’t like another. And as Blacks, we should support all good Black artists because they are already at a disadvantage in the Industry and don’t need to get it from their community too. Just a thought. Peace

  • Kyle

    I don’t care what people say but she seems so humble and personable. I really hope she wins. She has lots of competition but good luck to her!

  • Catie

    Wow, i loved the acoustic version of “Knock You Down”. Keri can really sing!

    I hope she wasn’t calling Kanye sexy at the end of the interview because just is not true, haha.

  • Catie