PETA Calls Kanye West & Amber Rose ‘Pathetic Creatures’

Kanye West and Amber Rose

PETA has some choice words for Kanye West and Amber Rose after seeing their furry fashions at Paris Menswear Fashion Week.

The hip-hop couple was photographed wearing fur coats to a few designer shows last week. An image of Kanye and Amber was posted on PETA’s blog along with a quote from Kanye’s hit song “All Falls Down.”

“The prettiest people do the ugliest things/ For the road to riches and diamond rings … We’ll buy a lot of clothes, but we don’t really need ’em/ Things we buy to cover up what’s inside.”

PETA referred to Amber as Kanye’s “sleazy sidekick.” According to the animal rights organization, she refused to remove her full-length lynx coat during one of the shows.

“Kanye can’t help making himself look like an idiot, whether at an awards show or a fashion show,” said PETA Vice President Dan Mathews. “He and his girlfriend look like pathetic creatures from a shabby roadside zoo.”

The outspoken rapper was named one of PETA’s Worst-Dressed Celebrities of 2009, along with Madonna and the Olsen twins.

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  1. ugh

    DAYUMM! that quote is killing me, cause thats what old, non booji kanye used to believe in. He cant say nothing about that.


  2. sugar rush

    Ahhh PETA shut up!!!!!!!!! They always have something to say, why dont they mind their own damn business what’s it got to do with them what other people wear.


  3. Phoenix Wright

    I’m not for wearing fur neither am I against it. Most furs look nasty lol. That being said Peta needs to shut up cause they going in for no reason, Ye and Amber will continue to wear fur so hop off.


  4. bonka

    PETA has absolutely no class attacking people like that.


  5. Fanny. H

    ALL THESE PETA bullshit is Very stupid. Why do people care so much about animals then their own kind? There is kids all over the globe dying of hunger and they choose Animals over People over? How pathetic is that? I think the people at PETA are the ones who are pathetic. I don’t hate animals, but if it was in the middle of a war and on one side i see an animal(lets say a rabbit) and on the other side there is a child wearing no clothes and hungry! Quite frankly that shouldn’t be a hard choice, as i would take the child and feed him that rabbit. That’s my point!!! Like it or Not!!


    Joyams Reply:

    @Fanny. H, But ask yourself if it isn’t good that some people on the planet defend animal lives. We can’t let people hurt animals only because there’s pain and suffer among humans. Im not an animal defender and i’m not engaged in any cause like this, but it’s not the fact of saving a rabbit OR a child, but save the two of them, because there is clearly people who fight for saving children too. If ur not convinced, maybe you should take a look on the videos that show how they take the fur from animals, it’s simply disgusting.


  6. Lil John's Cup

    I like how they have a quote from a cRap song Kanye West wrote like it’s evidence of anything. Don’t you all know a rapper will say absolutely anything because it’s just a make believe form of expression. cRap isn’t music.


    GFY Reply:

    @Lil John’s Cup, how cute, you put a c in front of “rap.” loser


  7. Bryan

    I agree with PETA!


  8. Rap*

    Damn, peta would rather save a damn animal than a human being. SMH

    And its not like, they go and kill one just for that celeb. Its already killed and available to buy, so they buy it.
    So what, itd be diffrent, if they let one get killed for their coat.


    Anonymous Reply:

    @Rap*, these products are made because people are buying them. By buying and condoning these items, the result is even more death of animals.


    Fanny. H Reply:

    @Anonymous, How come PETA isn’t going around the world where animals are tortured and talk badly about that place or w/e? Why target a celeb? LOL they aren’t the only ones wearing fur! They only want their company to evolve by targeting celebs. I’m pretty sure they haven’t done an amazing job saving them


    Anonymous Reply:

    @Fanny. H, I’m sure PETA do their best. Celebs are targeted because they are spokespeople, they are constantly under the public’s eye. It often happens that people want to imitate celebrities, and if a celebrity is wearing fur, there’s quite a high chance that this will influence someone else to do so as well.


  9. Cray

    Furs became popular as fashion for middle class, fat, Caucasian women in the 1940s and 50s. Women who wanted to try to look “rich” when they weren’t.

    Why does Kanye wants to imitate white housewives?


    123 Reply:




  10. v

    kanye is a looser. he cant even pick a real woman and hes with this slut. gold digga


  11. Lil is spelled sans an "h"

    @Lil John’s Cup
    And yet, here you are.


  12. sahara

    Are u kidding me. Kanye and Amber are the Freshest in the game. if u listen to his music u would understand that hes deep and his clothes are a figment of his creative side. Hes truly and artist and Amber is his swagga partner. Stop hating cuz their jackets cost more then ur wardrobe. ” stll the mutha fucka u love to hate. but cant cuz you love what i make and aint that about a bitch and i’ma talk shit until i’ma outta hits.”


  13. Tha Phoenix

    God PETA irritates me…

    And you know it’s full of white people with nothing better to do than heckle people. They’d pass a dying man on the street..



  14. Anonymous

    i truly believe 95% of people who commented here has no brains. its ridiculous to even try to reinforce an argument.


  15. Facebook User


    What people wear is EXACTLY that: WHAT THEY WEAR. The designers are the ones who got people to kill them animals in the 1st place. Moral of the story: DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER.


  16. Me

    The problem is how fashion designers are still using fur. Why can’t the PETA attack them instead?

    Shame on PETA.


  17. Greg

    PETA again? …I thought Kelis shut those losers down already?!?!


    Joyams Reply:

    @Greg, It’s not a bitch who write a dumb letter who will shut an association.


  18. carter

    ““He and his girlfriend look like pathetic creatures from a shabby roadside zoo.”

    Was that a subliminally racist statement? If so, then PETA has no room to talk, period. They’re no better themselves.


  19. boyet

    thats what PETA do! stupid comments…


  20. Chris

    WTF some people on here beyond dumb. How on earth can you defend Kanye/Amber for wearing fur? PETA are the good guys you morons. Have you seen what animals have to suffer to make these coats? No, I don’t think you have. Go look at a video about it online and educate yourself before you talk out of your ass.


  21. Holly

    Glad to see PETA blast out Kanye. He needs it.


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