New Music: Game – ‘Shake’


Game finds a million ways to use the word “shake”—from his McDonald’s extra large shake to 50′s protein shakes to Trina’s ass shaking. The Cool & Dre production is from his R.E.D. Everything mixtape with DJ Drama. We can’t seem to shake this one from our head.

Download: Game – “Shake”

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  1. mad



    Dave Reply:

    @mad, I agree


  2. Catie

    Mixtape song or not, it’s pretty awful and this is coming from a Game fan.


  3. Spain

    He just having fun , this and pu**y fight sound cool but he needs to drop some serious tracks from this mixtape with Drama


  4. buddyreal

    i disagree, this is pretty innovative from wuts really out right now..the record keeps a listener on their toes until the end..3.5/5


  5. jk



  6. washie

    cum on game wat happened to gangsta rapping
    this is some lil wayne material rite here


  7. jango

    tha shit nice,it gon rock,i mean shake lol


  8. buck16

    jk the game well naver flop bitch


  9. ak rocka

    this is chuck jus havin fun when the album drops that serious shit gon hit u like a iron mike hit


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