Jay-Z’s New Album Could Come After Tour


The Blueprint 3 is still paying off for Jay-Z, but the music mogul is already on to the next one.

Mr. Carter tells The Associated Press that he has started thinking about his twelfth studio album. “Maybe after I finish [the 'BP3'] tour I’ll start another album,” he reveals, adding, “Maybe at the end of the year. We’ll see if the inspiration hits me.”

But for now, he’s concentrating on perfecting the second leg of his arena tour. “I’ve been working on my live show for 10 years now, just trying to get it better and better. I used to come out with just a DJ, now I got a band. The production’s gotten bigger and the lighting guy takes off his shoes and he plays to the beat,” he laughs. “The whole thing is being upgraded every single year.”

The Blueprint 3 tour makes its next stop in New Orleans on Thursday with supporting acts Young Jeezy and Trey Songz.

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    I’m ready.


  2. Star

    I just read this headline on twitter and got so excited. C’mon Jay drop another classic.


  3. Lol

    I’m so ready. I hope the inspiration gets him.


  4. whos gonna run this town

    He should. He’s not the youngest anymore. I dont know but i think he forgets to consider his age. Over 40 is harder to sell records than under 40.


  5. 10 is ciaras

    @whos gonna run this town
    The Blueprint 3 has been certified 2x Platinum, clearly it isn’t hard for him to sell records. He probably just wants to get something new out, I liked the BP3, so I’m excited.


  6. The Truth

    Oh lord as I am excited for the new album, I’m afraid he is taking a page out of his wife’s book. Please don’t send us on a Jay-Z overload the way they did Beyonce and make us sick of you. If its another ten years I don’t hear from that wig slinging broad it wouldn’t be long enough. Play it smart Jay.


  7. Rick

    Im ready yo for real… He’s best rapper alive right now real talk.. Its gonna be a classic!


  8. SirThulsaBOOM

    Hopefully I’ll be on board for this one.
    BP3 was mad overrated.
    I’m a Hov fan but BP3 wasn’t my cup of tea.
    Maybe the next one will be more my style.


  9. Paul

    Am realy impress wit u guys.


  10. Hassan

    BP3 was Jay-z best album so far, so if he continues with a similar flow, this promises to be a great album. BP3 has its critics, but as Jay says, numbers don’t lie. His new music has reached beyond those that are just hip-hop fans and is more universal that some of his previuos stuff.


  11. miller

    Jay Z has been inspiring me since i took great dreams. I hope God will have mercy on him to leave over 1000 years.AMEN.


    ZANDY Reply:

    @miller, thats true speakin man Jay Z inspires more than he talks man especialy if you love the song “history” you gonna love him for real


  12. baby boi.

    on to the next one is more likely because it still to me as the best rap album to drop in philly and I think he could top the bp3 leave you with this.(WHAT MORE CAN SSSAAAYYY).



    JAY IS awesome
    he can drop his new album whenever he wants
    coz he knows how to sell
    but dude best rapper alive is eminem and everybody knows that
    like jay himself has said men lie women lie numbers dont
    eminem is the highest selling artist of the past decade
    and of course highest selling rapper of all time
    shady is the best………………….


  14. ZANDY

    yeah jigga is the king of hip hop man hopefully wht is comin is gonna be a smash album cant wait for it


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