Kelis Brings Her Milkshake to Vegas


Kelis brought her milkshake to Eva Longoria Parker’s nightclub Eve in Las Vegas on Friday night (Feb. 26). The singer was surrounded by bubbles as she gave clubgoers a taste of her sweet single “Acapella” from her forthcoming album Flesh Tone.

Knight’s mother recently shot the video for the first offering from her fifth studio effort with directors Rankin and Chris Cottam in Los Angeles. Rankin also photographed the album’s packaging. Flesh Tone is set for a May release.

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  1. BlackNLatin

    Kelis givin it 2 da kidz!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Bruno

    Cool but.. not a big fan of that outfit.


  3. Kyle

    I was literally blasting “Kelis Was Here” about 10 minutes ago. That album still sounds so fresh. Anyway, this is why I love Rap-Up, you guys always have the details FIRST. I am sooooo ready for another Kelis album. She never disappoints.


  4. Dave

    It looks like she’s laid off of the milkshakes. She’s lookin fly as ever!


  5. Nova

    yes the queen is back. We don’t have to wait no longer. . .yes i love her & that new song Acapella is a sure hit!! She has the personality & creative mind set of an icon not to mention the amazing music. I can’t wait to have Flesh Tone in my hands hopefully in May! Its been awhile since I’ve bought a new Kelis album & chile I’m so ready for one, because all these fake clones of the queen are getting on my nerves! All hail the queen!


  6. Rashaan

    Now I love me some KELIS but her look nowadays is not cutting it for me…..I hope she gets it together by the release of the album!


  7. GeeMan

    Even though Kelis has been more in the news for her divorce drama with Nas. No one can deny that is has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to her fashion sense and her music. Artists like her may not get much props here in the states but over seas she will be a major force based on not being afraid to take risk. I wish Kelis all the best in her quest for success during the Flesh Tones era.


  8. ...

    she looks atrocious.


  9. Trisha the Beauty

    Kelis looks terrible! I’m aorry but her ship has sanked years ago!


  10. trillafood

    LMAO@ the ugly hoes trying to throw shade at Kelis.
    Y’all dusty feet monsters will never be as fly as Kelis, not even on best day. Keep on hating haters, and Kelis will continue to shyt on you uglee h0es.


  11. Jeffery J-Boe

    I Agree With TrillaFood… Kelis Always Looks Good Whether She’s Trying To Or Not… It’s Time For Kelis To Step Back Into The Spotlight With The Hottest Album “FleshTones”… Kelis Always Kills It.


  12. myke757

    She has always been a trendsetter….short hair (before Rihanna),high waist jeans LOL (In Bossy vid)!ALWAYS FLY…But this new look is a fail


  13. 112

    Ugghhhh gold digger nas should of made this clown sign a pre nup


  14. Tye

    Kelis is as tacky as it gets! This bitch is a tack head whore to the 10th power!


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