Video: Brandy’s Back in the Bathroom

Brandy covers Etta James’ “At Last” in the latest video from her bathroom series. She relaunched her website today and will return to television in VH1′s reality series “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business,” premiering April 11.

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  1. i.d

    Who else but the goddess?
    shitting on studio vocals from her commode!


  2. tell'em

    One of the best vocalist from our generation..


  3. lashanda



  4. Jeffery J-Boe

    My Baby Brandy Is Coming Back Strong… Although She Looks Like She’s Been Crying Or Something Like That… I Also Cannot Wait For Her 6th Studio Album To Come Out, and Her New Reality T.V. Show With Her Family Come Out As Well… It’s About That Time, Brandy For 2010.


  5. davyd69

    i love her and i so enthousiam to the release of her new album and think it will come out around fall 2010 if its summer !!! so hot


  6. Joyams

    That’s fuckin lame to post videos from the bathroom. I mean it’s okay for someone nobody knows on youtube, but Brandy!!! Come on release a mixtape if u want.


  7. 100% Nikehead

    This just reminds me of how bad the people on american idol are this season. Brandys vocals are seriousssssss.


  8. Bibi

    Best Vocalist of our generation? I’m not knocking her voice yes she can sing BUT anyone can sing in the bathroom. Let see her with a mic on a stage singing. SMH!


  9. the truth

    The bathroom does not make ppl sound good. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. She killed, period. And there’s plenty of videos of her singing LIVE on stage, search youtube


  10. javonscott

    yess brandy!


  11. StayAfro

    brandy baby brandy.. still cant get enuff


  12. StayAfro

    Im glad to get another taste of Brandys Vocal Masterpiece, Bruce Almighty this is the type of singing that needs to be on her album that im looking forward to on her next album, or atleast at a live intimate performances, not that i havent been happy.

    When it gets to a level where a singer can suck u in like a moth to a flame like dat, den shes definitly got the Fire to blast back up to the top where she belongs.

    Love Brandy for life


  13. Phoenix_Wright

    Love her, she did well. Just want more new music.


  14. DJ Game

    so sexy, enough said.


  15. BowChickaWahWah

    You betta sang that shit gurl!


  16. juicyBear

    Damnn she kilt it!! yasss Brandy


  17. Domo

    This woma is one of the greatest and most underrated singers of her our time!


  18. Terry-Andre

    I mean she Good and all!! but when we gonna make it to a show and out the bathroom? Maybe she needs to move with her besty overseas!! take over on that side of the earth! She Killed it tho!


  19. fi

    one of the best best best vocalists of R&B ever!
    Not only my generation but all generations
    her voice is distinctive and sensual
    strong and emotional
    every time i listen to her afrodisiac album i am hypnotized by her amazing vocals and i cannot listen to her songs loud enough
    she is one of the best of the best
    surpreme vocalist
    she kills it


  20. Hadassah

    Continue to do R&B; and leave the rapping to Ray J.
    Love you and glad to see you back in full gear.



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