New Music: Trina f/ Monica – ‘Always’

Trina and Monica

Now that Trina has found her Prince Charming, she’s going to love him forever. The Diamond Princess sings her man’s praises with some help from Monica on “Always,” one of two collaborations (the other is “I Want It All”) from Trina’s album Amazin’, due May 4.

Download: Trina f/ Monica – “Always”

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  1. JD

    hott song


  2. Tina

    Pure LOL’d at that photo. Ain’t cute. Love Trina and Mon to death though, hot song.


  3. vmars08

    So “Always” is confirmed to be on the album then?


  4. BOI-1da

    Many, including Trina have said for some time, “The baddest bitch”. Well there’s a reason! She’s tight and always has been. Adding Monica to the equation is much like putting Keri Hilson on her album on the Million Dollar Girl song….. absolutely genius! I hope her album sales spread her fan base farther and wider than it has in the past.

    There, the BOI-1DA said it!


  5. davyd69

    i will buy her amazin sure i love it


  6. davyd69

    i will buy her amazin sure i love it she’s cool


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