Video: Nicki Minaj f/ Sean Garrett – ‘Massive Attack’

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj launches her invasion on hip-hop with the Hype Williams-directed video for “Massive Attack,” the first single from her Young Money debut. Lil Wayne’s protégée storms the desert in a pink Lamborghini, gets chased by a helicopter, and rumbles in the jungle with producer Sean Garrett. And what’s Barbie without her very own sidekick? The style chameleon rides shotgun with partner in crime Amber Rose. Run for cover.

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  1. BowChickaWahWah

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck yeah!!!


  2. Ciara_Massive_Attack



  3. Nicky



  4. sashaj

    the song is a grower, and not the best choice for a first single though but the video was good


  5. sam

    omg!!!!!!!! can she get any better !!!


  6. Carl

    yesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! NICKI YO BODY BAD MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. JDollar

    I’m not trying to hate, but this song is terrible. It has no structure, melody, chorus. It’s one big mess. Usually, i’m a Nicki fan.


  8. Dizzle

    hmmm i seee beyonce rihanna and lady gaga all over this video lool its kool thoee she baddeest b*tch right now!! ;)


  9. headphones

    not feelin it… shout out 2 the former abdc dancers tho


  10. g3

    she looked cute but thats about it the song is all over the place..i cant get into it


  11. LOL

    LOL at the guys makin them ugly ass faces.

    By the way, she need some new dance moves


  12. Will

    We got tum tums over here bigger than a monsta, BLAP BLAP, BLAP, BLAP, BLAP, BLAP, BLAP. on a scale of 1-10 i give this video a 7.


  13. idruski

    We Got Tom Toms over Here Bigga Dan A Monsta!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Nicki Slay my Whole fucking Life!


  14. Lupito

    I agree with JDollar.

    Although i don’t think the song sounds bad, it just doesn’t sound complete.
    It could do with neatening up. I wish it had a bit more structure to it like said.

    Maybe its a grower.
    It would be hard to control myself if i heard it in the club.


  15. elchica

    Why was sean garrett on this? What’s with these writers and producers getting on songs and making them worse?…The song is to…it’s all over the place but the more you listen the more you will like it but it will probably never be my favorite Nicki song or any song for that matter! The vid is iight tho!


  16. leels

    oh shittttttttttttttttttttt,, just lov it

    nicki u kill it

    freshh video!!


  17. Dreaming

    She looked hot at the end of the video, but she has said she dont want to act sexy – then what was she doing at the end of the video?

    Good video, the song is OK.
    Sorry Nicki – I had higher hopes for you.



    wasn’t drake going to appear in the video?

    anyways AWESOME video!! it’s fireeeeeee and the song is a grower, everything’s awesome!


  19. Mr. WeSt

    nope, rap-up only said he was on set, but not in the video


  20. MB92

    This song will most likely do great in the club, well i believe so


  21. Dat_Boi_Get_Em



  22. 100% Nikehead

    The video definately helped out the song because the song is just all over the place. I enjoyed the video though. I think this video will help the song out a lot on the charts. I know Nicki minaj other material will be a lot better than this though.


  23. lame

    Um NO! Can u say Lil’Kim much?


  24. JY

    not feeling it. plus sean garret is annoying as hell


  25. WTF

    I am so disappointed, the video made no sense. I am so disappointed because i was actually rooting for this girl. NEXT!


  26. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    Nicki = Barbie Doll

    Lil Kim = Blow Up Doll

    im just sayin *KanyeShrug* but anyway:

    Love the colors of the video & the outfits, as a video it was just okay nothing spectac. but still luv u Nicki I will be buying 3 copies of your album 1st day.


  27. Lil CiCi



  28. bijan

    this song goes nowhere for me. it makes no sense whatsoever.


  29. mAz

    The video is hot! Like it! Still not feeling the song…maybe it will grow on me.

    Nicki can THANKS Lil’Kim for paving the way for her.

    Without Kim no Nicky!


  30. David Thespokenword Washington

    This was really a massive attack right? Well i’ve barely seen or received any damage. If this is the atomic bomb, she needs to prepare for the war. She barely can beat anybody in the battle, if any of the real Femcee’s release any shit this year, she can hang it up & throw in the white flag, & throw in the towel.


  31. OhHai

    This is quite a weak single. I was expecting better. The video is ok. I like the green wig!

    I’d like to hear it unedited though. Censorship ruins music!


  32. AAA



  33. Justin Lafontaine

    3 WORDS…..ASS FOR DAYS lol


  34. Catie

    I absolutely love the song + video! It’s funny because when i first heard the single (which was yesterday) i wasn’t really feeling it but the video definitely helped. She killed it, i am SO buying the album whenever it comes out.


  35. sagb

    she looks good in the green wig!!


  36. takeAdrinkHaters

    To be honest when I first saw Nicki Minaj. I thought she was the biggest,phoniest black rapper there ever was I thought? Well a j0ke on B.E.T. then I heard her 0n several s0ngs and I thought she was just 0k.then I Got extremely annoyed cause she kept acting like she was the first ever female rapper And by calling herself S0 pretty and Black barbie Seriously lmao she isnt.. Well anyways didnt people say the same thing about drakes single? wtvr th0 I dont think this s0ng will atleast gr0w 0n me…You all d0nt have to force urself 2 like s0mething that isnt all that great. Usuall g00d music gets u 0n 2nd 3rd listen n0t this kinda crap.


  37. takeAdrinkHaters

    Pretty?N0. Phony?Yes… Sexy?N0. Slutty?Yes…


  38. juicyBear

    I luv this — she looks cool in the jungle and sexy in that green wig! BIJ work!


  39. Antwan Dillard

    loveeeeee it! and damm she iz so fineeeeee


  40. LAD



  41. Trina

    OMG…This girl just jacked Lil’ Kim whole swagger. Lil’ Kim is all over this video it reminds me of How Many Licks?, and Im just so dissappointed..Get your OWN style…


  42. mrsappleton



  43. Really

    WTF was that?!?!?!?!? FAIL!


  44. Boring

    Why she trying to act sexy?? She is not Ciara or Beyoncé + she herself said she didnt want to act sexy and all. Such a copycat.



  45. Kyle

    I think she looks really sexy in the video and I really like the visuals. But I am still sticking to my word and saying that I’m really not feeling the song. It’s a bad introduction to the rap game for her as a solo artist.


  46. Lani

    This is the biggest load of SH*T of that I’ve ever seen or heard. Please wake up people. Damn idiots fall for ANYthing. Sad,sad,sad.


  47. CaliFan


    LIL KIM IS STILL THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  48. JdaBarbie

    i love this video
    from the outfits to the hair
    to the dancers i love it all
    && the beat is sick
    Love Nicki Minaj shes so creative && unpredictable!


  49. blackthoughts

    not the best nicki song, not the best single choice
    i deff had higher expectations…


  50. tokyo_KEN

    nicki && amber rose ! ♥


  51. anonymous

    Mixed feelings – I don’t know what ppl were expecting to hear. Its in the same range of a lil kim track and for the most part she hasn’t really done much to set herself apart. I think she’s very sexy, but also very vulgar. Some of the stuff she says makes you ask yourself… did she say…??? Lol. She should go back to formula!


  52. Um

    This was the most horrible piece of crap ever.


  53. Sc{or}pio

    hot shit


  54. Sc{or}pio

    haters already nick said this wasnt the only version


  55. NickisHeart

    I love this shit


  56. LaMont

    Whoa! I like! That’s a very sexy video!


  57. RapBitchesMovement

    The video is the shit!

    Definetely not the best choice as first single though. it’s one of those tracks you either LOVE! or HATE!

    I personaly think it’s weak. Well, I expected better from her, especially since her verses on ‘Lil Freak’ and ‘My Chick Bad’.

    Btw people, stop comparing Lil’ Kim and her. They’re just rap bitches, of course Kim came out first so some people just gonna say Nicki bites her style (if not to busy saying she bites Gaga’s style).

    Anyway, I’m glad she’s coming out, maybe that’s gonna wake the “dead” bitches up, cause damn all we have now is Trina & Lil’ Mama :/ … Missy, Kim, Eve & Foxy need to come back!!


  58. Cassie D.

    Amen to RapBitchesMovement!

    Nicki Minaj is something female rap has needed for a long time!

    PS: Shawnna’d better release a new album too


  59. NickisHeart

    Amen to RapBitchesMovement!


  60. stargirl

    yeah this i totally see the theft from lil kim…

    not really feeling this song…

    but if she can bring some hits…i can see her being the black hip hop lady gaga…lol

    don’t think its gonna happen though…lady gaga has multiple facets to her talent… :)


  61. NickisHeart

    We got tom toms over here bigger than a monster


  62. realreppinhiphop

    You know when a chick got some new fake body part when she starts to show it off like a new pair of tits

    She doesn’t look Black at all so who is she Marketing to??

    Kims Hardcore shitted all over this 2million times lmao

    Now she jacking Beyonce and gaga….

    where is her style??? Wack she has no real positive message for ur youth!! Thats a fact she in it for the fame and Money she pimping her followers!!


  63. JusMe

    I Get The Song & How It Ties Into The Video & All That Butttt A Diff Single Wlda Def Took The Cake. I Believe She Was So Caught Up In Tryna Break Thru The Industry So Hard That When It Came 2 Her Own Personal Time 2 Shine She Kinda Cop’d Out & Took The Lady Gaga Route (#imjustsayin) ..But At The Same Time Thats Wats “In” Now So She Went Wit It..Those Femcees Won’t Be Able 2 Make A Comeback Bc They Aren’t Bold Enough 2 Step Out A Certain Box 2 Get Hot Like Nicki..Now Dnt Get Me Wrong I’m Sure Nicki Wldna Been Able 2 Do It Without Wayne (bc he’s a creative genius! idc if u like his rocker approach or not it appealed 2 a hell’ov alot more ppl that he didn’t reach prior 2 it)..But Still she’s Doin & She’s Doin It Well..So I Hope She’s Gonna Come A Lil Bit Harder & Let Us See The Real HB Not This #Random Stuff LOL


  64. Sherockz

    HOTT green headed bitch!!! whoooooooooooooo


  65. PooHsan Mnl

    she’s fucking hot in the green wig..
    but wait.. her moves looks like shakira..


  66. Boring

    not Shakira…
    her moves is all Ciaras swag and has been for a long time.


  67. sagb

    hola sus nalgas estan enormes me gusto la morenita


  68. BowChickaWahWah

    You guys kill me with the whole “copying” shit. Seriously. Everything under the sun has been done. Not many new things can be done. Lil Kim is not the first person who rap about sex. Lady Gaga is not the first person to wear odd clothing in her videos. Beyonce is not the first to crawl around in sand. And Nicki will not be the last person to do it. She’s doing what she likes and its her vision of what she wanted to get across to her viewers. No one is swagga jacking anybody so stop hating and gtfo.


  69. Juno

    @ BowChickaWahWah: damn right!

    @ realreppinhiphop: so you said “Kims Hardcore shitted all over this 2million times” then said “she has no real positive message for ur youth!!”


    *remembers Kim’s couple lines*

    “You know what we about, sex, drugs & cash” – Lil Kim – The Jump Off

    “S-W nine millimeter, check, Long-nose double barreled rifle, check, Semi-automatic infrared laser beam shot, check” – Lil’ Kim – Revolution

    “Me and my girls rock worlds, some big nigg*s, F*ck for car keys, and double digit figures” – Lil’ Kim – Not Tonight

    “When I ain’t out shoppin spendin dudes C-notes, I’m in the crib givin nigg*z deep throat” – Lil’ Kim – Magic Stick

    “Put the cleanest meanest lips on ya penis
    It’s like that once you lick the kitty cat” – Lil Kim – How Many Licks (Remix)

    “I used to be scared of the d*ick, Now I throw lips to the sh*t, Handle it like a real b*tch, Heather Hunter, Janet Jack-me, Take it in the butt, yah, yazz wha” – Lil’ Kim – Big Momma Thang

    “Anyway, I f*ck better than you, Give head better than you, p*ssy get wetter than you” – Notorious B.I.G. feat. Lil’ Kim – Would You Die For Me

    the list could go on & on, all I have to say is Wow, that’s really much more positive than Nicki Minaj’s messages…

    I’m just saying, I like(d) Lil’ Kim but don’t go open your damn mouth for nothing, you know her message was/is not any better.


  70. Dbreezy

    Why they show herr belt slinggn off
    The song could’ve been betta Sean Garret get on yo JOB!!Should’ve let Polo do this one for yo first single


  71. Goon

    She is hot but the song and the video suck


  72. Antwan Dillard

    she’s da best


  73. Mika from louisville

    First I have to say this wasn’t a good first video for the Barbie doll. I honestly can’t believe the producers and young money actually stand behind this scrap. She’s copying other female rappers style. I watched the new massive attack video and at the end nicki was dancing on her knees and her belt fell off.
    Come on now what happened, why wasn’t that part edited?


  74. Junior

    that my barbie doll, she makes me proud. in a few years, switch and come sign with the roc


  75. V.I chick@ N3@ N3@

    fuck it I love this song NICKI MINAJ is the BEST “Definitely a MASSIVE ATTACK”


  76. Nik

    The second rap Black Barbie looks great because it’s a music video and Young Money paid Hype to make her look good. Lyrically, she manages to do really interesting things even though she doesn’t talk about anything. She needs to listen to some Jean Grae, Nas, Jay, and learn how to put content in those lyrics.

    As for the video, it says nothing. The youtube videos she made are more interesting. It’s just her naughty crawling with green hair and trying to look like a barbie doll with a blond weave. You’d think Hype could tell a story by now, but I guess that’s not what he gets paid to do.

    I hope the second video is better. I’m sure folks will go bootleg this album though. lol. If she hits a million I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Female rappers do need to sell some records so other, better, up and coming women can get deals.

    One Love


  77. Babyphat

    NIKKI could do way better then this. It got that jamaican feel to it, and i get it… shes from NY. But so am i and I been over the that…. NIKKI NO NO NO NO NO!!!! I have more faith in you then this. The video was cool, they verses were hot, but the coures and beat SUCKSSS!


  78. wayne505

    lol i love it you were awsome in this video go girl dont stop live-in u


  79. gorealla hart

    guess its her butty yo’ll love n not the song..


  80. crazymjchick

    we got tom toms over here bigger dan a monster
    bra bra bra bra bra bra…..


  81. Angel

    I love Nicki Minaj, she’s different and she brings a whole new futuristic type swag to the female rap industry and I love it, So haters back off and sit back and watch my girl do the damn thang!!!!


  82. Sam

    Nicki is sexy as hell in the green wig while wet playing in the dirt i love the way she moved i got a boner for nicki minaj when she was in the green wig wet playing in the dirt


  83. kay kay

    nikki minaj is very sexy.wth thats my girl.nikki ur the bom.I love ur video and the way u move and look in it


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