Robin Thicke on Nicki Minaj: ‘She’s Gonna Have a Very Long Career’

Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj

Lil Wayne signed her to his label, Mariah Carey and Usher put her in their videos, and now Robin Thicke is singing the praises of Nicki Minaj.

It was the smooth operator’s pal Jay-Z who first put him up on the Young Money femcee, who he affectionately calls Ninja. The two ended up collaborating on the Polow Da Don-produced “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy,” which he plans to release as the next U.S. single from his Sex Therapy album.

Like many, Thicke fell for the hip-hop Barbie. “Nicki is a very, very special young lady,” he tells “Not only is she incredibly talented and sexy and charming, but she’s also a really good person and she’s very smart, so I think she’s gonna have a very long career.”

Before we get to see his on-screen chemistry with Minaj, the new father will team up with another rap star, Snoop Dogg, in the video for “It’s in the Mornin’,” filmed last month in Malibu.

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  1. UltraKid

    Nicki is a mediocore artist and everything she puts out either sucks or it’s just Ok. Lauryn Hill, Ladybug Mecca, Lil’ Kim, Roxanne Shante, MC Lyte, Jean Grae, Foxy Brown, Remy Ma, Eve, Angie Martinez, and Rah Digga were all and still are way better rappers than Nicki will ever be and I’m saying this because Nicki is a newcommer but it’s because her rhymes a pretty simple and I can pretty much write what she writes except people would say I suck because I’m a boy and I’m not signed to Young Money. Does the girl have to make stupid voices and mention her pussy on every song???

    It’s also funny how Nicki claims she’s influenced by Lauryn Hill but she’s is exactly like the girls Hill was talking about in the song “Doo Wop”. Did Nicki even listen to Lauryn’s album—I mean she seems to be HEAVILY influenced by Lil’ Kim then anything.


  2. myke757

    Lets hope so….BTW he shoulda been relased SI4D.


  3. Ghetto Fab

    I love Robin Thicke and that album but he is releasing all the WRONG singles! “Shaking It For Daddy” should have been relased a LONG TIME AGO. He should have also taken advantage of Jay-Z’s popularity at the time (with Empire State of Mind being out) and release “Meiplay” with video and all. Instead he is relasing all the album fillers instead. I love dude but his team has got to get it together.


  4. missingBeyonce

    go nicki the Best thing aBout that alot of pepole hate on her and she dont give a damn shes gonna Be huge pepole going crazy in love with her and she dont even have an alBum goooooooooooooooo nickiiiiiiiiiiii


  5. BowChickaWahWah

    @Ghetto Fab

    So true. Should have released it like as soon as they performed it on 106 And Park, or at least the other show. Lmao. Hopefully it’ll gain popularity again.


  6. missingBeyonce

    shakin it for dady is one of Best song in the alBum and nicki verse is sick


  7. Will

    Um why didnt he release Shakin it dor Daddy as the second single i dont get it. How u perform a song on letterman, 106 and Park and other shows but not release it as a single. That song was the buzz for the album. Should have released the video a week before the album dropped and his album sales would have been significantly better.


  8. Carl

    Love u Nicki


  9. d.A.N

    WOW ANOTHER FEMALE RAP WHO COPY LIL’KIM STYLE, why she doesnt have her own style? hope she will have long career than some others came and heard anymore


  10. JD

    whatever shes done lil kim did 10 years ago. #next


  11. ...

    i still think it’s ridiculous that this bitch is so hyped up without an album and with a poorly performing single. whateva.


  12. isiaha

    wat up nicki your sexy ass


  13. Terry-Andre

    Shheesh! uumm, She is entertaining for the most part, But nothing special, I like her no doubt but what she’s doing have been done before, nothing new!


  14. Kells

    This girl stole Lil’ Kim whole style. She wears the wigs, the same clothes, even stole the barbie theme. EVERYTHING she is doing LIL KIM has already done!! I mean why dont people see that. Lil’ KIm has to be pretty mad seeing this girl flaunting her ass around on TV cloning her.


  15. cc

    I don’t like people disrespecting Nicki Minaj. I mean, sure she’s sexy and poses like Lil Kim – but she acknowledges her infulence from Lil Kim on her song ‘Still I Rise’. When people compare her to Lauryn Hill that’s just stupid. Nicki and Lauryn are completely different types of rppers. Lauryn’s rapping is classed as ‘alternative hip-hop’ since it’s not hardcore. I don’t see the point in hating Nicki Minaj because you haven’t seen enough of her to even attempt to judge her. Her mixapes are just that – mixtapes. Used to get people known and out there – they show nothing of who she is and what she can do. Her debut single, even in my eyes, i just ok – but seeing as though she’ not even finished recording her album you can’t claim that she’s crap and that Robin Thicke is wrong; infact i think he would know more about what makes a good artist then any of you guys. Nicki Minaj is a mixture of hard hitting lyrics, sex, fashion and uniqueness; she’s not tying to be Lil Kim or Lauryn Hill – she’s finding out show Nicki Minaj is. & just leave her to do it, if you don’t like her.


  16. NIM



  17. missingBeyonce

    she dont cop lil kim just cuse she wearing colorful wigs dosent mean any shit she can write Better than lil kim and she rap in a speical way


  18. John

    Say what you want about nicki minaj talent but it doesn’t change the fact that she is sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy.!!!!


  19. Harvey

    Come on now, Thicke. I like you and everything but please Shut Up. Nicki Minaj don’t got no long career ahead of her. She is just something hot for the moment. Here today, gone tomorrow. No way is she gonna get like 3-4 albums deep. Massive Attack is a hot ass song but VERY mediocre. Try again.


  20. Kerri-ann

    Ya’ll need to do your research, Niki Minaj has caribbean background and if she wants to wear colorful wigs, then she is allowed to do so, Jamaicans had no problem when Lil Kim stole the style, so why is she hyper now that Niki Minaj is rocking it. jamaican women wore colorful wigs it is a part of the Jamaican dancehall. Lil Kim needs to tell you all the truth she did not invent colorful wigs may be Notorious B.I.G. taught her well, so for all those who don’t know now you know. Also just in case you all didn’t know Beyonce stole the Jamaican “Dutty Wine Dance” just in case this may blow up in the future I said it first. Jay-Z married a copy cat and signed a copy cat. So everyone do your research. If Kim wants to argue, then she should argue over rap music not the Niki Minaj’s style, Kim stole Jamaican hardcore style of dressing. Represent Niki Minaj don’t be intimidated by anyone and don’t let anyone steal your shine. You’re all that and a bag of chips.


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