Video: Sade ‘Dances with the Stars,’ Mary J. Blige Reminisces on ‘Oprah’

Sade performed something old and something new on Tuesday’s “Dancing with the Stars.” The band took it back to 1985 with “The Sweetest Taboo” and put the audience up on their new single “Babyfather,” for which Sade was once again joined by her daughter Ila Adu.

Earlier in the day, Mary J. Blige invited Oprah’s cameras to the Yonkers projects where she grew up and toured her learning center for abused women. She also rocked out with her cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”

Video via Urban Music Direct

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  1. missingBeyonce

    love mary j shes amzing love when she peform


  2. Tanni

    Good lord !!! I love me some Mary J !!


  3. Darrell H-Town

    MJB for life


  4. James

    Mary J Blige is such a good person with a good heart.
    I’m inspired .
    And Mother’s Day is soon so buying Carol’s Daughter will be a good look !


  5. tell'em

    I’m tired of these tired white people shows referring to Sade as “they” like shes more than one person.(no racist)

    Mary J always delivers. Good stuff..


  6. bladerunin

    tell’em Sade is a band and Sade Adu is the lead singer.


  7. Reallytho

    @tell’em, sade is a band first and foremost. there are other people in the group aside from the lead singer. learn your facts before making ignorant comments.


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