Summer 2010 Album Release Schedule

Summer 2010 Release Schedule

This summer is shaping up to be a blockbuster for music with a jam-packed release schedule. Get your wallets ready for new albums from the most anticipated hip-hop newcomer since 50 Cent (Drake’s Thank Me Later), Eminem’s Relapse 2 replacement (Recovery), a West Coast revival (Game’s The R.E.D. Album and Ice Cube’s I Am the West), and the return of rap royalty (T.I.’s King Uncaged).

We’ve put together a list of the season’s most notable releases. Find out who will be providing the soundtrack to your pool parties and barbecues. Check back for updates as dates change and titles are added.

Toni Braxton – Pulse – May 4
Trina – Amazin’ – May 4
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Uni5: The World’s Enemy – May 4
Bruno Mars – It’s Better If You Don’t Understand (EP) – May 11
Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Distant Relatives – May 18
Janelle Monáe – The ArchAndroid – May 18
Rihanna – Rated R: Remixed – May 25
Common – Go! Common Classics – May 25
Taio Cruz – Rokstarr – June 1
Travie McCoy – Lazarus – June 8
Christina Aguilera – Bionic – June 8
Lil Jon – Crunk Rock – June 8
Iyaz – My Life – June 8
Plies – Goon Affiliated – June 8
Drake – Thank Me Later – June 15
Kevin Rudolf – To the Sky – June 15
Eminem – Recovery – June 21
Macy Gray – The Sellout – June 22
The Roots – How I Got Over – June 22
Paul Wall – Heart of a Champion – June 29
The-Dream – Love King – June 29
Jay-Z – The Hits Collection Volume One – June 29
Kelis – Flesh Tone – July 6
Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty – July 6
Ice Cube – I Am the West – July 13
M.I.A. – /\/\/\Y/\ – July 13
Rick Ross – Teflon Don – July 20
Step Up 3D Soundtrack – July 20
Fat Joe – The Darkside – July 27
Dru Hill – InDRUpendence Day – July 27
Fantasia – Back to Me – August 10
Roscoe Dash – Ready Set Go! – August 10
Ciara – Basic Instinct – August 17
Dondria – Dondria vs. Phatfffat – August 17
Teairra Mari – Sincerely Yours EP – August 17
Game – The R.E.D. Album – August 24
Shontelle – No Gravity – August 24
Usher – Versus – August 24
Young Jeezy – Thug Motivation 103 – August 31
N.E.R.D. – Nothing – September 7
Kanye West – TBD – September 14

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  1. carl

    Teairra and Cici def got my money! Not sure about The dream will have to hear his album first though I love his music aswell!!!


  2. Ner

    what about keri hilson? her album is supposed to be released sometime soon!


  3. mesouth

    ahaha Kelis is gonna drop the album on july? we have almost heard every track…
    Can’t wait for M.I.A., Rye Rye and N.E.R.D. albums.


  4. SEKinG

    It’s about time rap makes a come back. This year has been shit.


  5. bcs

    for some reason i am looking for the rihanna rated r the rermix, drake thank me later, trina, and t.i. cant wait


  6. Rod

    the only ones im interested in are:

    Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Distant Relatives – May 18
    Drake – Thank Me Later – June 15
    Kevin Rudolf – To the Sky – June 15
    Eminem – Recovery – June 22
    T.I. – King Uncaged – August 17


  7. Ghetto Fab

    Here are the ones I’m anticipating
    Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Distant Relatives – May 18
    Janelle Monáe – The ArchAndroid – May 18
    The-Dream – Love King – June 22
    Kelly Rowland – TBA
    M.I.A. – TBD – June 29
    Christina Aguilera – Bionic – June 8

    I would be anticipating Drake but they took way too long for me. I’ve totally lost interest in his project. Well see though


  8. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi)

    looking out for Kelly Rowland – TBA


  9. @BDeliz

    Cosigning with Lebo & Ghetto Fab…
    looking out for that Kelly Rowland – TBA…. The U.S. Is sleeping on her HARD BODY!


  10. The Architect

    Dr. dre’s album is supposed to be released. He even confirmed his new single to be dropping any day now.


  11. g3

    def. waiting on Ciara & maybe The Dream..


  12. Toya

    The 2 alnums I’m looking forward to are Eminem’s “Recovery” and T.I.’s “King Uncaged”. Bout time hip-hop got some artists that care about the art putting out albums again.


  13. King James

    What about J Cole’s debut alblum??


  14. BowChickaWahWah

    I’m looking forward to Nicki Minaj’s album. Is that still coming out this summer or pushed back to the Fall?


  15. CIARA'S #1 FAN!!

    CIARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not interested intge others…maybe M.I.A if hers is good


  16. Quiet Storm

    Where’s J. Cole?!?


  17. Give it up - girl

    I agree wit ghetto fab… Ibeen waitin to hear sum stuff from drake but it’s takin way to long… But yeah can’t wait for b.o.b and tip… But as god is my witness if Ciara can’t sell enough albums or at least have one top ten single she should just stick to hanging out wit Kim k…


  18. Miss Fanny

    What the Hell? YOU FORGET JOJO – ALL I WANT IS EVERYTHING in the LIST!!!!!


  19. alina

    Eminem’s album release on my birthday) It’s a good present!))


  20. amyy

    King Uncaged! Let’s go!


  21. Matt Kemp

    i hope toni braxton continues to sing like a man. we need more of that 1997 heat this summer . Woo


  22. ASID

    As far as production is concerned..we all know the only album up there which actually has the best producers of our time is Recovery

    June 22nd!!!!

    Looking out for Drake’s album too

    King uncaged sounds like gay porn to me


  23. Jay_Z

    O I feel sorry for Drake, this way he’s shit is might flop. Btw where the hell is Kanye West???


  24. OMG

    A lot of good albums coming out, i also can’t wait for Ciara’s.


  25. Bonnie

    Got money for my man Eminem, my homies Bone thugs and my girl CiCi!!


  26. Kyle

    Janelle Monae, Teairra Mari, Kelis, & Ciara. So excited for some new music.


  27. JD

    Im definetly coppin Ciara, T.I., might pick up Christina Aguilera and of course Drake


  28. Jay

    Wheres “Cassie – Electro Love”? :(


  29. Will

    So many albums dropping on june 29th its crazy. teairra Mari should definately move her date cause that album is gonna flop till the wheels fall off. That album wont even sell 10,000 copies lol. Rick Ross Teflon Don will be #1 that week. @Ner Keri Hilsons sophomore album wont drop till september or october there still working on it. Ciaras Basic Instinct will definately drop in july or August, there gonna give Ride enough time to do well on the charts then drop a second single in June or July.


  30. A.D.S

    yeah where the hell is j.cole!? its ridic he never gets mentioned on this site barely… his album will murder all of these, i just cant wait till he comes up behind drake and all the wack shit and kills them all.


    Rap-Up Reply:

    @A.D.S, Did you see the three-part interview we did with J. Cole for Rap-Up TV? The reason he is not included here is because his album may not be released until the fall.


  31. Keven

    Where’s Kanye ??


  32. rybu

    Toni Braxton….. May 4th YESSSSSSSSS … !!!


  33. FICO

    JLO’s LOVE?!!!!!!!!!


  34. Carl

    Don’t forget these at the tail end of summer:
    Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager
    Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee
    Trey Songz new one


  35. H

    toni braxton! May 4 May 4 May 4 May 4 shoud def be a good album for the summer



    Copping Nas, Dream, Drake & Ciara.


  37. Tim

    Any news on Jeremih lately? That guy goes hard but haven’t heard anything from him lately.


  38. ItsOscarYO

    KELIS! Anxiously waiting on ‘Flesh Tone’!


  39. Zombiedude

    Lady GaGa is also releasing her 3rd studio album this year. She’s already working on it and she wrote the first single while she was in Manchester. Update you list Rap-Up. Luvya


  40. channelexor

    The ONLY albums that matter to me are:
    Kelis, The-Dream, Drake, M.I.A., Rye Rye, Teairra Mari and N.E.R.D.

    And The U.S. version of Flesh Tone will be different from the imported version.


  41. Mic Check



  42. W. Soccer. Horned Frog Soccer Releases 2010 Schedule | 2010 world cup

    [...] || Summer 2010 Album Release Schedule [...]

  43. krystal

    Ciara and T.I got my money


  44. Jay

    umm Ciara and Drake def. copping em’


  45. Ciara4evaeva

    Of Course Getin Ciaras Album, & Drakes, T.I, & Bustas Hes One Of The Best Rappers whos songs alwayz b hawt.


  46. Dillon_68

    Drake – Thank Me Later – June 15
    The-Dream – Love King – June 22
    Ciara – Basic Instinct

    These three I will be buying, but I will probably bootleg others such as Plies.


  47. MB92

    Ciara – Basic Instinct (Mad that ride hasent made it to the radio stations where i live) Dondria – Dondriar vs Phatfffat, maybe M.I.A. Possibly the Dream but his songs put me to sleep although i do like them. Drake Possibly


  48. EveryYearIsCiaras

    Can’t wait for Ciara’s.
    And everyone “ride” will be released digitally tomorrow, so go and buy it. Also, it will recieve a full pop radio release on May 11. Some r&B stations got it at the end of april and some will get it beginning of may.


  49. PDCross

    well, imma buy DRAKE, EMINEM’s and TI’s i kno…


  50. tell'em

    Janelle Monae, Game, and Kelis are the only albums on here I’m actually going to buy. I might check out Rihanna’s Rated-R Remix CD and The-Dream and TI’s albums too.

    Where’s Kelly Rowland and Kanye. Those are other albums I’d buy.


  51. GaGa Is The Messi

    Ms Kelly Rowland, Kanye West, that all for me….


  52. Mike

    I’m definitely buying Toni, Game, Eminem and maybe Christina.


  53. tbabytha1

    def. getting rihanna drake and ciara… maybe tonibraxton and t.i and dirtymoney


  54. A.D.S

    @Rap up- yeah i did see it, and yo i’m not hating on you guys! i love this site, i guess i just feel he isn’t shown as much as he should be in general, not just on here..i’ve been on j.cole for a year..and all this drake should be j.cole hype! he really deserves it…And i guess if its dropping in the fall, my bad. Its guna be a sick album though, cant wait.


  55. Part

    For all wondering… Beyonce, Kanye West, Lady GaGa, Mariah Carey and Jenifer Hudson are all coming Last Quarter this fall.. The real artist not the whisperers fake ass singers like listed above how boring


  56. Deontae

    I can’t wait for Drake, The-Dream, and Ciara’s album this summer!!! Also I can’t wait for T.I.’s album!


  57. CARLOS

    CANT WAIT FOR CIARA’S ALBUM!!!!! thats the only one i will buy! :) and i only like teairra mari automatic song so i will just buy the single thats about it! :)


  58. Chris

    Cant wait for Ciara’s Basic Instinct!!!!!!!!! YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!


  59. Drizzy



  60. Kid 17 Years Old

    Drake – Thank Me Later, Will Be de first album that im buying in my entire LIFE! Im proud of hem


  61. Jay

    Ciara Basic Instinct
    The-Dream Love King
    Tiara mari only the single sponser just cuz her name sounds like ciara lol
    And also Drake!


  62. Lisa

    I will be getting Christina Aguilera, Drake, M.I.A., Tip, Ye and Game’s new albums.


  63. Kiley

    My Favs

    Kelly Rowland – TBA
    JoJo – All I Want Is Everything
    Christina Aguilera – Bionic
    Britney Spears – TBA
    Teairra Mari – At That Point
    Ciara – Basic Instinct
    Kat Deluna – Inside Out
    Kylie Minogue – Aphrodite


  64. XXX

    im getting Eminem’s,christina aguilera,maybe drake is its good,M.I.A and ciara if its good


  65. The Illest

    Definitely gotta cop Drake, T.I., and Eminem.


  66. Taisha

    Soulja Boy, Ciara, Flo Rida and Plies are going to FLOP once again! Summer 2010 is going to be the new Spring 2009 lol. So exiting. Those four are entertaining as hell. Can’t wait to hear Game’s album.

    The beginning of 2010 and ending of 2009 sucked bad, so it’s good to see the entertainment industry about to get alive after eighth months.


  67. max

    i wont that drake and j cole


  68. D. Fresh

    Imma Get Drake 4 Sho. Im Still Waitin 4 Kanye and Dr. Dre Tho


  69. Marsha

    jennifer lo >>>>> NEXT!


  70. Mr. Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley

    I’m def getting Em’s Recovery & Lloyd Banks’ The Hunger For More 2! possably Drake’s & T.I.’s. Imma have to check out Plies’ album too since the singles are pretty fresh


  71. Isaac

    Eyy what about Keri’s???? Been waiting for new material from her for tiiime last i heard was ‘Ilike’…..Whenever it comes its gonna be hot! GO KERI <3


  72. I Hate Florid Rapper's

    can’t wait for this album’s
    Taio Cruz Rokstarr
    Lil Jon Crunk Rock
    Iyaz My Life
    The Roots How I Got Over
    Drake Thank Me Later
    Game The R.E.D. Album
    Kevin Rudolf To the Sky
    Eminem Recovery
    Young Jeezy TM103
    Chamillionaire Venom
    Paul Wall Heart of a Champion
    N.E.R.D. Nothing
    Big Boi Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico
    T.I. King Uncaged
    Ciara Basic Instinct
    Flo Rida The Only One
    Common Go! Common Classics
    Kanye West Good Ass Job
    And The New Busta Rhymes Album

    I Hope That Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Diddy, Plies & Trina Album Gonna Be Fail’s


  73. Jessica

    Bruno Mars, N.E.R.D,Nas & Damien, Christina, M.I.A, The Game,Travie McCoy and Rye Rye

    these are the ones i looking 4word 2.


  74. chyeah

    M.I.A., RYE RYE FOR SURE. DRAKE, KELIS, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, JANELLE MONAE, BIG BOI, NICKI MINAJ, SANTIGOLD, MAJOR LAZER, CIARA, THE-DREAM, AND N.E.R.D.! I can’t wait to hear the new stuff from all of them. I realize some of those aren’t on the list. Ha. Oh and Missy Elliott. Where’d she go.


  75. mrbignich128

    june 15 drake, young jeezy, kevin rudolf
    june 22 eminem, chamillionaire, the dream
    june 29 the game, rick ross, paul wall, jay-z

    10 albums=approximately $107.89
    DAMN I need to get a job


  76. damagecentral

    here are the albums i’m waiting on:

    Brandy – 6th album – TBA
    Beyonce – 4th album title currently unknown 2010? (Honey Bee by Beyoncé : the title is not final)

    Ciara – 4th album Basic Instinct 2010
    Kelly Rowland – 3RD ALBUM – TBA
    christina aguilera – album title bionic 2010
    tiffany evans – 2010 ALBUM TBA
    Keri Hilson – 2nd album title currently unknown 2010
    Jaicko Lawrence – album title currently unknown 2010

    Kandi Burruss – 2nd B.L.O.G.S. album 2010
    Kat Deluna – Inside Out 2010
    Bluey Robinson – DEBUT album title unknown 2010?
    Livvi Franc – 2nd album title currently uknown 2010
    RichGirl – 1st album title currently unknown 2010
    Brutha – 2nd Album tba
    Fantasia – album title currently unknown 2010
    Rihanna – RATED R REMIX ALBUM AND 5th album 2010?
    Karina Pasian – 2nd Album 2010 TBA


  77. findthelove

    The albums worth anticipating:

    NaS & Damian Marley – Distant Relatives
    Game – R.E.D. Album
    Drake – Thank Me Later
    Diddy-Dirty Money – Last Train to Paris
    Eminem – Recovery
    T.I. – Uncaged
    Young Jeezy (didn’t drop ‘Young’) – TM103
    Plies – Goon Affiliated
    T-Pain – rEVOLVEr
    The-Dream – Love King
    2Pac – TBA (unreleased tracks)

    Other albums if coming out this year:
    Kanye West – Good Ass Job
    Keri Hilson – TBA
    Nicki Minaj – TBA
    Birdman – Pricele$$ 2
    Keri Hilson – TBA
    Akon – Stadium
    Lupe Fiasco – Laserz
    KiD CuDi – Man On the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager
    Ne-Yo – TBA

    Mixtapes worth anticipating:
    Gudda Gudda – Back 2 Guddaville
    Lil Wayne – The Drought Is Over 7 (if it even comes out)


  78. JayRide

    cici comin in august


  79. T-Money

    I’m waitin on Drake-Thank me Later June 15th.
    Also, I’m waitin on Fantasia TBA, her album comes out July 13th.


  80. kanye fan

    wut bout kanye n j cole.j cole: bess debut album of 2010.eminem bess album of the year. kanye 2nd bess album of the year


  81. kanYe

    What about Lupe’s Lasers???


  82. lbsrdi

    What about 2pac? I thought his new album was dropping in June. All these other cats are 2nd class. Has anyone heard anything?


  83. recovering from hip replacement

    recovering from hip replacement…

    [...] || Summer 2010 Album Release Schedule[...]…

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