On the Scene: Beyoncé, Ciara, Amber Rose, Nicole Scherzinger, M.I.A., Diana Ross


A shimmering Beyoncé made a return visit to the White House to help welcome President Felipe Calderón of Mexico with a performance on the South Lawn, following a four-course dinner on Wednesday (May 19). Even Jay-Z was in the house as President Obama introduced Hov’s wife as “somebody some of you may have heard of—named Beyoncé.” First Lady Michelle Obama recently revealed that she listens to the “Single Ladies” songstress on her iPod.


Ciara was white-hot in Versace and Gucci at the Maxim Hot 100 party at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The “Ride” singer, who posed beside a Harley-Davidson, is designing her own Batmobile-inspired motorcycle with T-Pain.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is a top three finalist on “Dancing with the Stars” and #24 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list. The Pussycat Doll is expected to release her new single “Nobody Can Change Me” next week.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose busted out of her form-fitting dress on the red carpet at Maxim’s Hot 100 party. But reporters had no luck getting Amber to bust out an answer to their questions, as Kanye put a gag order on his model girlfriend.

Mike Lazzo and M.I.A.

M.I.A., pictured with [adult swim] executive Michael Lazzo, lit up the stage at the animated TV network’s upfront presentations at Gotham Hall in New York.

Diana Ross

The incomparable Diana Ross reigned supreme at her Radio City Music Hall concert, making a grand entrance in a chartreuse feathered coat.

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  1. BeyFan

    Beyonce looks amazing i wonder what she sang i love her so much


  2. Jaelani

    M.I.A’s jeans are HAWT.


  3. KennMaraj

    Ciara return to slay this wack bitchess ! lls


  4. kizzy

    Omg…beyonce u r my favorite artist u inspire me with every song dat u sing.girlfriend keep up da good work. Holla… Peace out.


  5. olivia

    beyonce is so ugly and so fat. ciara and nicole are so beautiful and she are the best body


  6. Ghetto Fab

    Beyonce looks like a straight drag queen. Cici Nicole and prety much everyone else looks normally pretty. I like MIA’s pants. Diana Ross better WORK!


  7. h

    Beyoncé looks gorgeous o.O


  8. HD

    Ciara looks sooooooo hot!!!!!!


  9. :D

    ciara looks AMAZING! her body, outfit, skin, and hair look perfect. bey looks a hot ass mess


  10. BowChickaWahWah

    Beyonce was definitely not prepared for that picture. Lol. I like M.I.A.’s jeans!


  11. lovechild

    Ciara looks a haut messs time to sell those flop album


  12. c.j

    beyonce looks stunning…..others looks average.


  13. miki

    i love Nicole


  14. g3

    Ciara & Nicole look gr8 Tina looks a mess


  15. U_U

    Look at Be’s legs…


  16. Crack

    Kanye is so lucky to have that Amber chick. DAMN


  17. Dessi

    Beyonce looks mechanical


  18. rap up

    Ciara looks beautiful get em Cici


  19. helen

    love nicole!!!!!!!!! so gorgeous! hands down most beautiful of the lot <3


  20. Harvey

    @lovechild, Ciara looks a hot mess? You can’t be serious. She looks very pretty. I love her outfit.

    Moving on…….So her and T-Pain are still cool huh? Can we get another collaboration then please cause Go Girl was that FIRE!!!


  21. Bodyguard 2

    Julius gained so much fame. One day he and Beyonce gonna be BODYGUARD 2.



    Ciara! Uh huh!!!!!!


  23. GangsterA

    Beyonce looks hot and galam cici and nicole lookin fab esp nicole simple and sexy m.i.a pants are the biss Btw cant wait 4 nicole single


  24. infamous

    Nicole looks amazing. Can´t wait for the single.


  25. David

    Diana *is* amazing!


  26. lil john

    ciara is cute haters fall of


  27. Stupid ass haters

    Ciara looks Beautiful , ANd beyonce also the haters are just trying to say ciara look a hot mess because people are saying beyonce look a hot mess … haters STOP !


  28. Andrew

    After reading some of these comments, it’s obvious some of y’all tongues are too sharp for your damn mouths! None of y’all even know any of these celebs personally, but u judge them like you’ve known them your whole life lmao
    put yourselves in their shoes, and then imagine coming on this site and reading these kinda comments, knowing that none of these people actually know you personally….
    Some of y’all need to get off the haterade real quick,
    I’ll pray for you :-)


  29. jopacangrie

    cant wait for Nicole single love her


  30. reala

    oH man Caira not feeling that oufit….But her career is fading fast so she gotta show the titties.


  31. krystal

    @stupidasshaters i agree u took the words right out my mouth thats just pathetic smh gorw up ppl but they all look nice i see u Ciara lookn good =)


  32. Pucci


    funny thing is that the only ppl who are showing their tits are beyonce & amber rose… hmm!!!


  33. Lisa

    Beyonce looks like a damn ghost. She needs to learn what makeup fits her complexion and stop trying to be lighter than she is.


  34. Corey Rogers

    I think all the ladies look beautiful!!Blogs freak me out because of all the cruel things people say …don’t get me wrong i’m not above that sort of thing lol!!…it’s just having it in print is just especilly wicked to me.I really just want to say i hope the new guard of singers will study MISS.DIANA ROSS and learn a thing or two about supreme longevity and what it means to truely be a Diva!!!!I was at the concert and she’s still AMAZING at 66 as she ever was !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. jerry



  36. jopacangrie

    i forgot Beyonce look bad bad baad


  37. leadsupreme



  38. High_Price

    tehy all were pretty but ciara and nicole took tha cake


  39. kan

    bee’s legs look like a pair of scissors . lol

    and mia’s jeans wow~..


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