Confirmed: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Are Engaged, Expecting a Baby

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys

The rumors can finally be put to rest. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are officially planning a wedding and expecting a baby.

The singer and producer “are expecting a baby and are engaged to be married in a private ceremony later this year,” reps for the couple confirm to PEOPLE.

This will be the first child for Alicia and third for Swizz, who is father to two sons, Kasseem Jr., 3, and Prince, both from previous relationships. He was previously married to R&B singer Mashonda.

The high-profile couple has kept their relationship quiet, but friends say, “They’re very happy.” They were all smiles at Thursday night’s Keep a Child Alive Black Ball in London.

Whispers about Alicia’s pregnancy began to spread after she showed signs of a baby bump during appearances in the U.K. this week.

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  1. Creat1ve

    So happy for them right now! Their two very successful people and they have a lot going for them. Wish them nothing but the best!


  2. peace&music

    yea im happy 4 them!


  3. True Blue

    Good for her, but I honestly think she could do way better than Swizz… and why must she marry him so soon? Don’t get me wrong, I wish her all the best, but if they go through with the marriage, it probably won’t end well.


  4. love bee

    happy for a.keys!!! woo!


  5. davyd69

    So good for them and i hope that they will be together for a long time


  6. BV

    “if you ask me i’m ready”


  7. javonscott

    congrats :)


  8. earstylexZAY

    watch Beyonce be pregnant tomorrow….yall know she has to outdo everyone…….lol


  9. Marc Schmittler

    Drake is pissed. Now he’s bangin’ a Ne-Yo track “Fade into the Background”.


  10. Kevin

    L.M.A.O. earstylexZAY! You wrong for that!


  11. JD

    Alicia Keys? pregnant? You go girl!


  12. Mike

    I honestly did not see Alicia Keys having all and never with Swizz Beats. Weird! Congrats though, she’s at a good age to start a family.


  13. beatzme

    rofl………… ya of course that kid won’t have a huge nose…… Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. sashaj

    @earstylexZAY….Word i would not be surprised hahaha


  15. Nick

    Dude got a nose like a pickle.


  16. @ronaldranier

    so happy for them! congrats!


  17. ugh

    @earstylexZAY; YOU WRONG FOR THAT!! You know if Queen Creole is gonna out do Alicia, she gonna be pregnant with at least 3 babies. Who knows, maybe she’ll have a reality show “Bey & Jay Plus 8″ Its kinda catchy haha


  18. marrex

    watch, this is a no good relationship that will result in heartbreak for keys….


  19. theresa_keys

    thts what i think as well


  20. Diamond Girl

    Things that start off bad can’t end well..You can’t build a happy future on someone else’s misery!!…Happy that she is having a baby, babies are gifts, but she decided to do so with the wrong man, a married man? He has two previous children by different women..Every girl thinks they are special and what was previously done to someone else won’t happen to them….I just wish it were under better circumstances.


  21. OMG

    So happy for her!!!!!!!!!!!! She seems like she’d be a GREAT wife and mother :D


  22. NADIA

    Awe, omg Alicia and Swizzy

    Congrats FO REAL

    You’ll make the most beautiful baby

    lool…. dunno you guys are awesome
    i love you both …. much



  23. AAA

    They look cute together…NY is in the house!!! Ms.harlem&Mr.bronx


  24. MRB1G

    I knew it, saw her on wednesday in London and I thought she looked pregnant, it doesn’t affect her amazing voice though as she was incredible so I they are very happy together,


    Now that’s two of my dream wives loved up.


  25. Rhino

    Normally I would be happy for them…However, I’m still not convinced he won’t do to Alicia what he did to Mashonda and his first babymama…


  26. Dizzle

    wow cnt believe it lol i fink they match :)

    beyonce & jay z

    christina milian & The-Dream

    Alicia keys & swizz beats

    wow….just wow lol every singer gettin married to rap stars or producers :O who’s next???

    lady gaga & Red One??? loool


  27. GangsterA

    Good 4 her but she should wait like bey she still young


  28. NCK

    He has three kids from three different women: two sons from his previous relationship and his ex-wife singer Mashonda and a daughter from Russian singer Jahna Sebastian. Alicia will just make baby momma number 4 and the way you get them is the way you loose him.


  29. drtash

    all i’m saying is she better hope he really loves her to be faithful to her, cause what goes around can DEFINITELY come back around. Hope he doesn’t get bored with her and start cheating again. Good luck to them though, they’ll need it!lmao.


  30. jacq

    Omg, shut the hell up! Fix your roller wrap or sumthin’! All these broads doggin’ out this couple AS IF they’re prophets & disciples! I mean, the absolute ONLY reason you people are even commentin’ is because his ex-wife made public how she felt her relationship ended & who she blamed, BUT WHO SAID THAT’S HONESTLY FACTUAL? Her side of the story ISN’T the only side, so with that said…why even dwell on that drama? Ya’ll don’t know anything about Mashonda, Swizz Beatz, or Alicia Keys except the music they make & the general information posted on Wikipedia. So, unless ya’ll they neighbors or you & Mashonda get ya’ll tracks glued in by the same chick then either CONGRATULATE these people for being blessed with a child or shut up!

    Who told you that YOU were perfect enough to criticize anyone? They OBVIOUSLY lied.


  31. jacq

    Oh & by the way….

    if you check out Bossip or simply Google Jahna Sebastian, then you can read the interview where she states that those Swizz Beatz paternity rumors were started by bloggers (kinda like you kiddo) & she NEVER stated in Russia or the US that they were even involved.

    ….keep up.


  32. Concerned fan



  33. jaytanna

    hi alicia keys i love your song. ? you got a baby have boy or girl. love you. alicia keys p.s.


  34. bzack

    my privates are stiff like a steel whew!!! prego sex is th best p


  35. bee

    alicia keys cheesing and shyt with the man she stole from another woman! how desperate can it be for a pop star? you home-wrecker you get’s no love!


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