New Music: Kanye West f/ Dwele – ‘Power’

Kanye West

Mr. West explodes back on the scene with “Power,” a crushing anthem from his fifth album Good Ass Job. Gone is the Auto-Tune of 808s & Heartbreak, replacing it with a harder sound reminiscent of his first three albums. The Dwele-assisted track was produced by Symbolyc One and samples rock band King Crimson’s “21st Century Schizoid Man.”

’Ye takes aim at the haters and “SNL” for a parody skit they did on his Taylor Swift debacle. “Fuck ‘SNL’ and the whole cast,” he raps. “Tell ’em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass.”

It’s good to have him back.

Download: Kanye West f/ Dwele – “Power”

Audio via YouHeardThatNew

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    WOW! Unbelievable artist!


  2. hell yes.

    this is DOPE. Classic kanye. I cant wait for the album.


  3. UltraKid

    …and the genuis returns.


  4. Jay Jay

    Yes! hes finally back!!:)


  5. WOWzers



  6. True Blue

    This track is dope. I’m far from being a die-hard Kanye fan, but if the man puts out a good product, I will give credit where credit is due. I hope this song is a sign that he’s done with all that Auto-Tune bullsh*t he pulled on 808s.


  7. JD

    yea hes back….with the same smartass attitude. He aint changed one damn bit smh


  8. Terry-Andre

    And Mr. West Is back… Most exciting news I got all month.. lol


  9. eh

    its alright kind of boring, repetitive.


  10. ...

    kanye still actin’ like a bitch, i see.


  11. DXT

    … shut d fuck up, yeezy is back and harder than ever.


  12. lollipop

    808s and heartbreak was a good album…but its time for the king to return…i mean arrive cuz he never left


  13. Dave

    LAME! Was a fan, but i’m far from it now, he needs to sit his bitter ass down, get over it, how long ago was the VMA thing & SNL was being truthful & it’s just jokes @ that. Whinny ass! & the whole VMA thing was STAGED anyway at that, nice try ye… but no ye


  14. KT

    Dave, you’re an idiot. Listen to the track, don’t be prejudiced you dick.


  15. KT

    This is arrogant Kanye back, this self-confident mofo is rap.


  16. GangsterA

    Its nice i like it btw taylor should kiss his feet cuse he really but her on the map Pepole went and bought her first album after what happent i saw them


  17. UltraKid

    SNL was truthful??? Wasn’t Kanye just being truthful at the VMAS??? and no it wasn’t staged because why would Kanye work with MTV to boost another artist career. He expressed his problems with MTV long before the VMAS.


  18. aton88

    COT DAMN, this will be a another k. west classic!!


  19. Tori

    This song is amazing.


  20. Mike

    Not bad! I don’t see this being the actual first single though. I can’t wait to hear what else will come out within the next month or so.


  21. Ron

    Rookies move over, HE’S BAAACCKK!


  22. Cassive

    Great to see the Kanye we know and love is back.


  23. UltraKid

    Power>>>Not Afraid & Over
    Kanye=Drake, Wale & Kid Cudi so basically the ruler’s back


  24. green300

    mr west is back up in the building lets go chi town


  25. gab

    really good


  26. Inyo

    Wasn’t that great, and whats the deal with dissing SNL? Karma will be a b!tch.


  27. trojan675

    snl dissed him thats why


  28. baddud

    Mr. West is in the building swagger on a hundred thousand trillion!!!


  29. chris2fly

    Dis song right here go hard. He one of the best rappers that ever lived


  30. Sean Swag

    still dont know about this guy – Urban Source for Fashion Trends, Entertainment, and Gadgets


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