T.I.’s Advice for Drake

T.I. and Drake

The captain of the cool kids, T.I., has some friendly advice for the new kid on the block, Drake.

The Canadian rapper-singer said the best advice he’s received was from the King of the South. “T.I. told me to never stop smiling. That’s what people like about me,” he revealed to Rolling Stone.

T.I., along with Swizz Beatz, is featured on Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later on the song “Fancy.”

“I think Drake’s one of the coolest of the new kids,” Tip told Rap-Up TV. “He has an outstanding ability to do him without doing anything anyone else is doing. I think that he sets himself apart and as long as he’s able to do that, he’ll have his own lane in this thing we call hip-hop.”

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  1. Destiny

    i kno thats right u go T.I!!!!!!!!! cause in his pics he gotta smile everyday forget all da haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. queen beyonce

    true story love drizzy & tip


  3. dat nukka

    str8 up!!!!!!


  4. JD



  5. Jj

    No one should take advice from ti


  6. Haze

    lol advice from T.I.? amazing role model…. *sarcasm


  7. $$$

    ^^ man these losers have something negative to say about everyone.


  8. ...

    yeah, because why would drake want to have platinum albums, number one singles, and the respect of the hip hop community? *sarcasm*





  10. Jack

    T.I. is good, but…advice??? Drake hasn’t watched the news or wondered where T.I. was the past year?


  11. beatmatic

    @Jack ds is bout music u moron so Drake shouldn’t take advise from Weezy when he returns? coz he’s bn in jail? u retarded Jackass


  12. Gerdr

    Collabo? :)


  13. zingardian

    I have some advice: stop smiling. You’re making me nauseous.


  14. newii_babbii

    hold the fuck up ya haterz need to stop hatin cuz matter of fact T.i is gettin paid and is gettin thing poppin and i cnt stand wen hater sit there on the computer and write shit about ppl like go suck a dick plz special this @Jack nigga on this pg calm yur self down ….now t.i. you may continue about yur business..for drake yu could get any better advice from no one only from T.i.


  15. iicey

    yup YUP
    Fuck these haters like im strapped on the D.


  16. grselda

    luv u and your songs


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