Video: Justin Bieber f/ Usher – ‘Somebody to Love (Remix)’

Justin Bieber and Usher

Usher teaches his protégé Justin Bieber a thing or two in the video for “Somebody to Love (Remix).” The teen heartthrob may not be following in Mr. Raymond’s fancy footsteps just yet, but he does bust out the moves along with “America’s Best Dance Crew” winners. Choreographer Jamaica Craft keeps the Biebs on his toes, while director Dave Myers calls the shots.

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  1. EveryYearIsCiaras

    OMG, nice video.
    That’s Ciara @ 1:59. Go Jamaica.


  2. ugh

    You can see him counting his steps and thinking about every movement. Just stand still and look cute JB, you clearly cant dance. Adding URSHA to this song is a good look, broadens the audience.


  3. Trey

    And that’s Ciara at 1:59? Really?


  4. Trey

    Just found out its not Ciara.
    It is singer, producer, actress and model Katerina Graham, the female voice on’s song “I Got It from My Mama” and Bonnie on the current CW show, The Vampire Diaries


  5. EveryYearIsCiaras

    Omg, thay look a lot alike.


  6. Jay

    that isnt Cirara, thats the girl from that Vampire Diaries show


  7. Angelo

    This is his best video but he looks distracted in this one, i guess he likes purple in every video he must have something purple on, he and prince can be good friends, And about that hair that everybody is crazy i hate that hair cut………..


  8. sagb

    JB Can’t really dance.. it was kinda funny but i like the video


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    Yall can’t be serious, JB killed the choreo that he was given. I know the background dancers actually caught my attention more, but doesn’t mean he can’t dance. He just got out shined by them lol.

    I liked this video it’s effects were done so well and just looked clean


  10. Lil Holxa

    Usher’s got that Birdman syndrome – get older and u need to get sumone to continue ur way: that’s when JB (or Weezy in Birdman’s case) comes along. And now Flo Rida is doin same wit that aussie kid


  11. Goon

    Hate Bieber and Usher…
    And it isn’t a nice vid, déjà vu.


  12. SR

    this is crap. music for lame kids. usher is a nerd and that kid need to get smaked in the face, stupide american trash.


  13. vaso

    this video clipis really…..AWESOME….!!!!


  14. sarah



  15. kingsley

    its really a good thing cos if he has to learn from the best, he has to learn to beat the best and head straight to the top.


  16. xxx

    gosh, everyone outshines him….how can you make a duet with usher, when you’re that age. He easily outsung him. The dancing was ok…not great

    he still looks like a little lesbian to me. how can he be 16? he looks like 13.

    the song’s nothing special, but i would listen to it again

    but i liked the concep of the vid…was nice to watch


  17. poppa

    Hahah what a funny video :’) bieber makes me laugh, this is a pure pop song pure and simple and from the moment usher steps in i think its obvious who kills the track :) , tbh i dont think the song in general is that good and that they shouldve done a different collaborstion that wasnt sooo.. Cheesy…

    Bieber should try and pave his own legacy though and make up some cool things of his own instead of borrowing ushers catchphrases, the “yeah man” at the end made me full on chuckle :’)


  18. u.a.e.girl loves justin

    justin and usher look cute :)
    love u justin u r soo cute and i have alooot of ur picture and really we want u to come visit us in u.a.e to sing for us in dubai but how can i know that u will come?? send for me messge in my e-mail ok please justin :)


  19. HisBabe

    I love you Justin!


  20. HisBabe

    I wanna date you baby.I just know we would make a great couple.Your hot and so am I!


  21. HisBabe

    I luv U..SO MuCh!!!!!!Your hot n sexy! :)


  22. HisBabe

    :) =) =] luv my babe!


  23. HisBabe

    Justin,Your love is my drug.


  24. HisBabe

    I luv my baby Justin!!!He is so sexy!We make it great together.I want to make out with him SO FREEKIN BAD!!!IM 16 BTW!!!IM HOT!!!!!!!!!


  25. ron

    You’re really good is not just a star is born star of Good Gustine


  26. Zorian



  27. Ct.Bieber

    I love the last part..Justin says:Yeah men.


  28. aqua

    that was a cute video and i only seen me and justin sorry girls his mine because he kissed me before


  29. aqua

    justin kissed me


  30. aqua

    justin please send a e-mail back i am your biggest star i ripped my dolls head off for u


  31. t

    Who is the girl at 0.25?


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